Chargers Have Assigned An (Unknown) Price They Are Willing To Pay For Mario Williams

Sept 11, 2011; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Texans linebacker Mario Williams (90) fires up the crowd against the Indianapolis Colts in the fourth quarter at Reliant Stadium. The Texans defeated the Colts 34-7. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-US PRESSWIRE

That price tag better be “The RICHEST defensive contract in NFL history” status OR we are not even going to sniff a chance at Mario Williams.

Here is a little excerpt from the UT today:

Meanwhile, the Chargers have assigned an (unknown) price they would be willing to pay for Williams.

The Chargers did talk with Ben Dogra, Williams’ agent, at the Combine. But Dogra is among the biggest agents in the business, and it is not known if Williams was discussed. – Kevin Acee

If AJ Smith were able to pull off a steal like this, would we be mad if Vincent Jackson walked away? Williams is the biggest name in free agency and is the biggest defensive playmaker available. With him here, we would be able to put a lot of pressure on quarterbacks with him and Shaun Phillips.  Our defense would have a lot more potential to cause turnovers.  We could then shift are focus in the draft to a receiver, offensive lineman or a defensive tackle.

Could you imagine having Super Mario and Shaun Phillips coming off of the edges? They could create all kinds of havoc in the pocket and Eric Weddle could be sitting back to wait for picks.

AJ could quiet down a lot of angry fans with a signing like this! Let’s start praying now!

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  • johnpurcell21

    @epadaon can you see us topping ware’s contract of 6yr 78million 40 guaranteed? That’s what it’s going to take. #Mario

    • BB_Chargers

      @johnpurcell21 he is definitely going to be the richest paid defensive player.. will we be that team? no

    • BB_Chargers

      @johnpurcell21 do i want it to be us… YES #Mario

      • johnpurcell21

        @epadaon yeah def want him! But can’t see it at all. Too much $. fa is signing LT, C, SS, draft OLB.

        • BB_Chargers

          @johnpurcell21 i can see us drafting that SS also… i think we need to add a LG and DT to that list of needs

        • johnpurcell21

          @epadaon when you look at our roster its a rebuild. even jumping ahead next yr two starting CB’s are up, phillips and barnes.

        • BB_Chargers

          @johnpurcell21 the defense has been in rebuild mode for a long long time.. the offense will still be able to move the ball with Philip there

        • johnpurcell21

          @epadaon i know its horrible to watch at times, hopefully it all works out. hard to trust AJ

  • rob_base13

    That goes for me too!! Hope it gets done!!!

  • VargasM

    Williams and Rivers where team mates in 2003. Hmm…

    • epadaon

       @VargasM philip needs to pick up that phone and make something happen!

  • Zag26

    @epadaon do you think well really go after him?

    • BB_Chargers

      @Zag26 go after? Sure… get him? Not gonna hold my breath

      • Zag26

        @epadaon thought so

  • A_Eme_O_Ere

    Sign Mario Wiliams and Paul Soliai in free agency, sign Gaither for LT and McNeil gets healthy and agrees to replce Clary at RT, sign VJ, Hardwick, Garay and Hester,  add David DeCastro and Harrison Smith through the draft. AJ will do it.
    And then I woke up.

  • NickGoulart1

    I would put Mario Williams as priority #1. If VJ walks so be it–we NEED this guy.  You can sign a guard, but getting a shot at this kind of heat coming off the edge is rare. I’d have no problem drafting Michael Floyd to replace Jackson.  Or signing back somebody like Laurent Robinson and spending the $ saved on the line…as long as they can get Williams.  I’d go as much as 5/75 with 28-30 guaranteed.

    • A_Eme_O_Ere

       @NickGoulart1 Agree! However, we could probably get Marques Colston for a lot less than VJ is asking for (VJ wants $13 million a year according to his agent). Marques is 6’4″, 230 lbs. and has caught 150 passes more than VJ and has gained 1,500 yards more than him , too. Amazing if you consider that Marques entered the league a year after VJ.

      • NickGoulart1

         Would not be opposed to Colston–he looks like a Charger receiver.  His durability is not spectacular though and we already have one talented, tall receiver who comes down funny a lot (Malcolm).  I really wish we had kept Robinson instead of Walters though.  Robinson was bigger, faster, and played just as well in the preseason–then we cut him in favor of a less talented feel good story kid and he goes to Big D and makes us look DUMB.

        • A_Eme_O_Ere

           @NickGoulart1 Wouldn’t mind Robinson but consider this: Colston broke his collarbone in game one against the packers and still only missed 2 games. That’s a warrior right there.

  • ThomasBell

    There are not a lot of OLB in FA so to me its either sign Mario Williams or draft one in round 1

    • NickGoulart1

       @ThomasBellyeah the pickings are extremely slim at OLB.  You have one of the best defensive players in the league, a former #1 overall draft pick–and not much else…aside from some guys that would only be useful in a 4-3. 

    • epadaon

       @ThomasBell i hate the possibilities after Super Mario.. they still are better than what we have, but that is not saying much

  • elaineholt1

    @MachoMenos61 Hate your job? I did to so I started my own business. You can to with just a little motivation! thecashjournalsite .com

  • Bleu

    Get him. Draft a wr oline ss n get lamicheal james end of story . Super mario will make cason looc like deon out there j/k….lol. No but get em.

    • epadaon

       @Bleu hahahah… like deion!!! love it

  • MikeTuck

    Backus isn’t that bad, the Lions passed the ball with confidence and he’d help with gaither on the other side. The only thing to do is have the money. Get rid of the dead wieght on both sides of the ball in your first unit. Sign great players to fill the spots. Clean house in the secound unit except for guys that can play more than 1 position. CB/S , T/ G, LB in or out, and who needs the amount of DT&DE we had? Fill the roster with those willing to play for the experience of proving themselves, Unsigned free agents ( Gates was one). The Draft kills the salary cap with unproven players. You prove yourself through working into the 1st unit then get paid. Invite the whole west coast to prove themselves as a secound unit player. Then use the money to get a Grubbs, Williams, Backus, the best CB and Safety free agents. This is also wh…y I like LaMichael James, your getting a Returner/reciever/runningback for 1 price. Perry can play LB or DE, he’s young and quick now. if he proves himself then next year he gets a 1st unit contract and plays that position. This facilitates having the best 1st units on the field. It facilitates having a hungery special teams trying to prove something. And for those that worry about injurys, That’s why you have the best 1st unit, one goes down and the rest covers for the 2nd unit guy, and he knows he performs or he’s gone next year. Smith has the power to put the best 1st unit in the NFL on the field, you just have to sign the hungriest 2nd unit possible.

  • drewwall1

    I think we can get Mario Williams and Vincent Jackson. Acquiring to his contract was only 6 years $54 million in Houston. If we can get him for 4 to 5 years at $10 million each year and do the same for VJ. We still would have $10 to $15 million to plug our roster. However. this is contingent on the chargers releasing McNeil.

    • NickGoulart1

       @drewwall1 I’d jump at that. Unfortunately Mr.Williams will receive the largest contract of any UFA this year. If we want to take a stab at what his market value is, I believe the best comparison is to look at the deal Julius Peppers got from Chicago. The following is from an article posted by after the Peppers signing:
       ”Peppers will receive at least $84 million. The base salaries in each of his first three seasons are guaranteed, for a total of $40.5 million. He’ll have a chance to earn an additional $7.5 million in incentives, for a possible total of $91.5 million over the length of the deal.
      If we use Larry Fitzgerald’s deal as a benchmark for Jackson, it gets ugly.  Jackson won’t get nearly as much, but i think its safe to say he’ll get about half of wahat Fitzgerald did. I believe Larry got 8 yrs worth as much as 120 million with almost 50 mil guaranteed.  I think Jackson will receive at least one offer for 5 yrs/60 million with 20-25 guaranteed in the first two years of the deal.  
      It just doesn’t look possible to have our cakeand eat it too. 

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