Morning Dump

It’s becoming more clear that, if the Chargers keep receiver Vincent Jackson, it won’t happen via application of the franchise tag for a second straight season.

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INDIANAPOLIS — The agents for Vincent Jackson heard for the first time directly from the Chargers that the team desires to keep Jackson in the fold and that using the franchise tag is an improbable option.

The rhetoric, hyperbole and legitimate health cases are enough to line books from Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis to Chargers Park in San Diego, 10 times over.

It’s been three decades since Kellen Winslow took the tight end position to a new level and almost 10 years since Antonio Gates put away the basketball and further revolutionized the definition of a premiere tight end.

The most well-known, Ronnie Hillman, finished with 1,981 yards of offense and 20 touchdowns in his final collegiate season. His numbers reminded many of Marshall Faulk, another SDSU running back who became an NFL Hall of Famer.

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