Oct 31, 2010; Foxboro, MA, USA; Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Randy Moss (84) exits the tunnel to the field prior to a game against the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Stew Milne-US PRESSWIRE

Should The Chargers Take A Chance On Randy Moss?

Would you take a chance on Randy Moss? He just announced that he is coming back to the NFL!

I might as well add, would you take a chance on Terrell Owens? They basically are the same receivers!

I love both of these receivers and am a fan of  everything that they have done, but I don’t want either of them on my team. Both receivers are way past their prime and have been out of football for a year. They are a risk to being a cancer in the locker room. Why would we want to add that to our roster?

PLUS, Norval was the coach for Moss in Oakland and that situation didn’t work out too well.

It would be better for us to add receivers through the draft or even with some undrafted free agents. There are so many other options at receiver that are available through free agency also. It would be a mistake for us to go after TO or Randy.

If we want a receiver of that caliber, then we should just keep Vincent Jackson around!

This may be the only reason I want Randy Moss on the Chargers:

I just LOVE the video and the sound bites that we could get from him!

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  • OHPaulMcKernan

    @chargersbuzztap Yes, absolutely! He’s a legend. make the Pats regret their move when he gets 10x the yards of ocho

  • CindiSpears

    Hell to the no! The last thing we need is another jackass.

  • DavidConrique

    I think that signing either of them would be a pretty good idea in my opinion. They both know that they can’t bring their attitudes with them if they want to continue playing in the NFL. We could probably get them at a very cheap price. Look at how Plaxico Buress played for the Jets… he was a huge red zone threat. Last season we kicked way too many field goals, and having either of these players would bring us that much closer to a championship.

    I think both players would love playing in San Diego with Rivers throwing the rock. I say give them a chance and if they arent working out we could always cut them.

    • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

      one clap!

      honestly, i know i would get a little excited if we brought either of them on… i would immediately think that we could transform them to a receiver that can produce with philip there!

  • Trong Lam

    NO…. They need to keep VJ.

  • Paul Biggs

    No, Moss has a lot of quit inside of him and is way past his prime. And a huge HELL NO to TO, he is a locker room cancer and way too self centered. Keep VJAX!

  • Raquel Acosta Romero

    HELL NO!!!!! VJ!!!!!!!

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  • RussellGrant

    A decade ago, I’d say yes. Pull the trigger. He’s tall, but can he get separation? Can he play at the level he played before or will he go through the motions like he did a couple years ago? I would say since we are likely going to lose VJ sign him but sign other wide outs as well. And he needs to know that BS isn’t tolerated. Play hard or clear your locker.

    • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

      @RussellGrant yea… cant put all our trust in him, if that is what we do. we need to make sure there are different options if needed

  • Bleu

    This may sound crazy but for some reason I think the boy would surprise alot of us. I say sign him to minimal pay contract.

    • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

      @Bleu you do sound a little crazy..

      there just seems to be other guys available with less baggage

      • Bleu

        @epadaon randy ain’t no punk man. But if we lost vj colston would be the man I would go after….

        • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

          @Bleu@epadaon i like colston too… and it sounds more and more like the Saints might not be able to keep him around.

        • Bleu

          @epadaon but he is going to be in high demand to alot of teams could use him. He has a skillset similar to vj but vj is alot faster and better vertically but colston has a better technique catching with his hands instead of his body

        • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

          @Bleu yea. i dont think we will use the money on receiver if VJ is not the guy… that money will probably go towards defense.. and i know you like the sound of that

        • Bleu

          @epadaon I love it bRo but if they let vj go they would sabotage us. They need to consider what rivers as the team captain says n keep vj around. Vj is no stranger to the highlight film homie. But outside him and that oline we need to focus on d. Get a good fa lb or de n focus on stealing barron for that secondary. But first things first focus on that pass rush in the draft. They can get another udfa wr there is more talent in the udfa pool than known bcuz they usually have a few guys with speed and w could use that on special teams.

  • Bleu

    I dont want t.o though…….

  • Bleu

    Randy was and I bert still is a beast

  • Bleu

    Randy was and I bet still is a beast