Chargers Free Agency Shopping List: Michael Griffin



This off-season, our biggest priority is to get some play makers on the defensive side of the ball. We are mainly looking for pass rushers and safeties. Let’s look into the possibility of Tennessee Titan free agent safety Michael Griffin.

In order to get more info on Griffin, we hit up our friend Justin Stewart from Titan Sized for his quick analysis:

The feeling is Griffin won’t be back, though there is still a chance.

Strengths — When playing well he can lay on a good hit and can be a ball hawk

Weaknesses– He bites hard on run fakes, which often leaves the deep ball open. Tackling of late has been questionable, as he’s been getting run over by running backs. Seems to lack fire lately.

Griffin is a great player, but hasn’t played well the past couple years. Perhaps he’s just not motivated enough anymore and has lost his fire, or maybe his play has just been the product of poor production from the front four. Either way I think he needs to find a new team to get that motivation back and get back to form, which I think he will.

According to Acee, Griffin could be on our radar if the money is right. Could we offer Griffin a new environment that could get him motivated again? We will have to upgrade our pass rush still, but bringing on a good safety to play alongside Eric Weddle will help out the defense immediately. Personally, I would love to see us go after Tyvon Branch first, but Griff would not be a bad plan to fallback on.

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  • ibesyke

    @chargersbuzztap we need to make a big slash on free agency this season!!

    • BB_Chargers

      @ibesyke you think griffin would be a good option at safety?

      • ibesyke

        @epadaon @chargersbuzztap motivated 2 re-start in sunny San D. I think any free agent would be crazy not to consider the Chargers #griffin

        • BB_Chargers

          @ibesyke i would love to have him back there with weddle.. i think it would be a nice combination back there

        • Evettey80

          @epadaon Will he/she be captured by your personality? http://t.co/gPzzdvh6

  • Adam Best

    Looking sharp in 3.0, Ernie.

    • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

      @Adam Best thank you sir… definitely enjoying the new look

  • the gorn

    Wasn’t this the guy that the Titans were offering in exchange Michael Turner?

    • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

      @the gorn just looked up some information on it and it looks like there was a thread on bolt talk that brought up the possible trade scenario…


      hindsight is 20-20.. not sure if the Titans were actually offering the trade out to us, but it had been talked about among us fans.

      what do you think of Griffin?

      • the gorn

        @epadaon @the gorn

        You ask a fair question:

        If I were GM, I would pick him up if he were available for a reasonable price. My interest and willingness to pay more would be tied to (1) my coaches being able to convince me that they knew how to fix his tackling problem and to improve his football intelligence (which was why I think AJ wasn’t that hot for him in the year he was drafted) (2) the fire in his belly.

  • ThomasBell

    If we sign a SS in free agency then the Chargers could trade u select Courtney Upshaw.

    • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

      @ThomasBell i would not be opposed to trading up for Upshaw at all.. i just dont want to give up too many picks for him. we still have holes that would be nice to fill on the o-line.

      im hoping Tyvon Branch and Courtney Upshaw are Bolts in a few months! I would be stoked

      • ThomasBell

        @epadaon Branch might be too much but I’d love to have a raider on the chargers