IF AJ and Norv Are Staying, Then Manusky Must Go

So AJ and Norv are sticking around for another season, BUT Chargers fans still want a change to happen. The next person on the firing line is now Defensive Coordinator Greg Manusky. He was expected to bring in a more aggressive defense and an attitude on that side of the ball. The defense he left in San Francisco is now one of the best in the league and the defense he picked up has regressed.

Here is what Acee said in his latest mailbag:

I believe they will fire Manusky. Even though the same argument about personnel/injuries that helped save Norv could help save Mansuky, I guess, he was out-coached in many games and there are too many powerful people in the organization that won’t endorse his staying.
Kevin Acee

AJ and Norv are currently evaluating these coaches and we are now on Manusky watch. Will they drop the hammer on him and who could we possibly bring in.

One of the possible candidates we could bring in is Mike Nolan, who recently was the defensive coordinator for the Miami Dolphins. He was also the defensive coordinator for Norv in Washington. I asked the Phin Phanatic Editor for his thoughts on Nolan and here is what he said:

Miami has been mass confusion for the last three years. He runs a blitz heavy defense that really can get to the QB and masks his coverages well. Miami is also one of the best run stopping D’s in the NFL. As for secondary support, hard to say as the personnel in Miami at safety wasn’t very good and the back up corners werent either.

One issue I see is that his halftime adjustments are confusing, but again that could be more of Sparano than Nolan. The D was more aggressive under interim HC Todd Bowles.

He runs a hybrid 3-4/4-3 that he interchanges as needed or as personnel dictates. He can run and execute both, but I think he prefers the 4-3 more, but that’s just an opinion.

I like Nolan and hope he stays.
- Brian Miller of Phin Phanatic

There are a few defensive minded head coaches that were recently FIRED that could be options. Coaches like Steve Spagnuolo, Jack Del Rio, Raheem Morris and Romeo Crennel might become available. We could also go with some in-house candidates like John Pagano, who has been offered the DC job in UCLA, or Steve Wilks.

Whoever takes over the job, will have a lot on his plate and the fans will have a lot of expectations for him to bring more pressure and cause more turnovers. We want a change and Manusky is next on our list!

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  • Jeffrey Perkins

    Yes, I do agree someone needs to take the fall.

  • CindiSpears

    It’s the least the spineless weasel could do.

  • DavidConrique

    I definitely feel that Manusky got the shorter end of the stick this year. The injuries and shortened offseason didn’t help. However, he hasn’t brought much to the table and I’m very tired of his “aggressive” three man rush lol.

    Get rid of him. Too plane jane for the San Diego Super Chargers and he can’t apply pressure on the opposing QB at all.

    • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

      @DavidConrique that aggressive 2-man rush is even better!!!

      • DavidConrique

        @epadaon Lol!

  • Ernie Padaon

    someone has to… something has to change somewhere

  • Ragnarokx2

    Lets not forget letting numerous 3rd and 15+ yards be converted in to first downs and continuously playing 10 – 15 yards off the reciever

    • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

      @Ragnarokx2 you are making me relive this whole season over again!!! vomiting all over the place with that defense.

      • Ragnarokx2

        @epadaon I dont know what to think anymore…Either Ron Rivera mad a bunch of crappy players good or manusky mad a bunch of good players crappy

        • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

          @Ragnarokx2 the terrible special teams and the elite offense last year made the defense look good last year. i am going to go with that!

  • Ragnarokx2

    Intresting facts:

    San Francisco still pretty much has the same players on defense but they are now number one in the leauge with a +28 in the turnover margin and has only allowed one rushing touchdown.They are currenlty the #4 defense in the NFL

    Under manusky the 49ers were ranked 13th..

    So to go from 13th to 4th with really no new players = MANUSKY SUCKS…FIRE HIM NOW

    • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

      @Ragnarokx2 the best part is that we TOOK a couple of linebackers from that ranked 13th defense with him here.

      TKO and LaGirl..

      FIRE EVERYONE… just want to see that someone can get fired for a team sucking!

      • Ragnarokx2

        @epadaon WHAT….the best thing on this defense was TKO’s neck. It provided him valuable power to intercept Jane Flaccos pass. TKO’s neck can stay but TKO should only be in on running downs and LaGirl just needs to go. Why manusky started LaGirl over barnes for so long was beyond me

        • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

          @Ragnarokx2 i hope Jonas Mouton can make an impact like Donald Butler made this year…. another year of seasoning for Butler too will be good.

    • RussellGrant

      @Ragnarokx2 He will likely be fired because someone must fall on the sword. They finished 8-8 and Manusky’s defensive play calling was pretty poor. All the coaching was pretty poor but someone has to pay. Last year it was the special teams coach. This year Manusky. If we keep Norv through next years and he performs as he normally does (Head coaching life time .486 winning percentage) then the popcorn vendor on the field level will likely lose his job.

      • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

        @RussellGrant that stupid popcorn vendor!!! always jackin stuff up!

    • DavidConrique

      @Ragnarokx2 Well… Navarro Bowman started instead of Takeo Spikes which im my opinion was a huge upgrade for them.

      They also brought on Carlos Rodgers which was a huge upgrade. I’m not on Manuskys side at all… just saying they did have more playmakers on defense this year than last year.

      Oh and don’t forget that beast named Aldon Smith

      • Ragnarokx2

        @DavidConrique Good points, but Manusky did bring TKO here…I guess its like Acee said, one or 2 players can mask a whole lot of mistakes

        • DavidConrique

          @Ragnarokx2 I like TKO, I just wish he was 5 years younger and knew how to drop into coverage. He’s too slow but still is good. We have to be the team to take TKO to the playoffs. He would be so pumped

  • RussellGrant

    But seriously, is anyone as good as gone in the Charger offices? Manusky may stay because he makes great coffee and knows dirty jokes that crack Norv up. Those are good football reasons, right?

    • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

      @RussellGrant is there a way that David Stern can VETO this thing and site BASKETBALL REASONS?

      sadly you are right

      • RussellGrant

        @epadaon You need Dan Gilbert to send off an email and cry about LeBron leaving Cleveland. Then Stern will veto it

  • MikeTuck

    I still question Manusky as the Coach who wouldn’t gamble, blitze, put eminse pressure on the opposing team. the game plan goes through Head Coach Norv Turner. The team played conservative with Rivera, just as Manusky. Manusky did blow it bringing LaBoy with him. But with Barnes Phillips and Butler the Chargers were a force. And when he played to win he coached well. The Manager has drafted players like they were running a 4-3, in fact if Manusky would change to that next year we have a group of Defensive Line players that can fill the 4 down linemen’s spot. Spikes can fill in or go. Butler has proven he’s a great ILB. Phillips and Barnes at OLB. and work on the CB and Safety spots. I tyhink Manusky was not the problem. It was the game plan stuffed down his throat. Spanos, Turner do play it to safe. And Smith is not Butler, just riding his shirt tail like a teachers pet. This team needs to be drafting for need not great-flashy players. This team just needs a Offensive Line drafted and a Great Oline Coach. It has the other personnel.

  • MikeTuck

    Ernie; What did you expect,. Spanos is the real problem. That Family needs to go back to Stockton and make a bid on the Raiders Organization. His Dad was best of friends with Al Davis!!!! What did San Diego expect. San Diego should really pressure the League to force Spanos to sell his Team. Mark Cuban and group were interested in aquiring the Dodgers. I liked them before they mgot sold to a Corporate Head instead of the Family that was their greatest fan. Cuban would be a great owner, and as a Fan you can bet on Turner or Smith being there. Cuban listens to his fans, and he brought the Maverics a Championship even if Stern/Refs gave the first one to Miami. San Diego has some pull as a Superbowl Host, if they’d pressurwe the leage to get Spanos to sell it. Then back it up by rebuilding the Murph, or a new Stadium. Getting the League to help flip the bill. I still see the last 2 years as a con/losing to go to LA skeem by Spanos. The fight over a new stadium has been a nuisince to the team. Spanos is a Corporate Gasbag who is interested in revenue over Winning Football. The Chargers are a means to a end. They got rich in the Realestate buisness, so they could by a Team. Now they want to go to Hollywoodland. The City hasn’t help matters either, they need to be more active with the league as the Chargers have a long history and should stay in San Diego.

  • Tdog1425

    Hold on Mike Tuck!!..Love ya your a CHARGER FAN!! – However It was MANUSKY who did not make the adjustment on Plaxico Buress eating up Antonie Cason in the Jet’s game!!!…He should of Been PROACTIVE And gave Cason help with a safety!!…I’m also sure that Norv Turner did not bring in Manusky to Micro Manage Him!!…He (Turner) is to busy calling in the plays to Rivers!…The Chargers need to bring in a veteran Middle Linebacker that has speed – Nothing on Takeo However He has lost speed..Also if Alex English could of stayed healthy He could of wound up the next ‘ Lights Out ‘ – Lets hope Dielman/McNeil return also if Castillo & Bob Sanders can stay healthy in 2012 – CHARGERS defense could be number one again like in 2010.