Spanos Won’t Commit That The Chargers Will Be In SD Next Season

First we get the news that AJ and Norv will be back for next season AND now you cannot commit to playing in San Diego next season?

Dean Spanos, owner and team president, would not firmly commit that the Chargers will be in San Diego next season. “All I am telling you is we want to be in San Diego,” Spanos said. “I remain consistent with that.” A recent California Supreme Court decision took away redevelopment funds. “That really puts a wrinkle in (a new stadium),” Spanos said. “I don’t know where we are at.” – Dan McLellan

Does Dean even care what the people of San Diego think? Does he think that the people in Los Angeles will enjoy the way that the team is run. The rest of the league is laughing at us for keeping Norv for another season. The least he could have done is say that they will be here for another season!!! This is sickening!

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  • the gorn

    I wouldn’t want to read to much into that statement as it may reflect a negotiating stance. With that said, it’s clear that he’s not showing the fans in SD much loyalty.

  • RussellGrant

    As a guy born and raised in LA, the Spanos family has no idea how to put a winner on the field. And in LA if you aren’t competing for a championship you are “one of the many sights and attractions of the Los Angeles area”. It’s taken the Clippers 25 years to figure that out. As it sits The Chargers might be the 3rd most loved football team in LA behind USC and The Raiders (Hold outs die hard). A move to LA as currently set up is suicide.

    • RussellGrant

      BTW, UCLA has a new coach so if the Chargers sucked out another 8-8 season, they’d be 4th and constantly blacked out.

      • epadaon

        @RussellGrant that would be such a mess if the bolts moved and then kept getting blacked out… It would be stupid

  • Trong Lam

    If San Diego no longer has the chargers then this guy will no longer give a rats ass about football.

  • Trong Lam

    Let’s bitch slap ur fan base and while they’re in shock, kick them in the nuts.

  • Marcus Rudnick

    Fuck Spanos if he moves the chargers, it’s bad enough that Smith Norv keep their jobs. I agree I will boycott Bolt football.

  • Joshua Hinson

    They will never see any of my money if they move to Smel-LA

  • MikeTuck

    What did I say? This whole sharade has been about buisness, not football. You have just seen a owner ( Spanos ) throw two seasons in order to try and get the NFL’s opening in LA. This is absolutely where the NFL ought to investigate the Spanos family and force them to stay in San Diego, and then force the sell of the team for fraud. Spanos has known since Al Davis desmissed him that Turner was a lock to get the San Diego fans to say who cares about them moving. Well san Diego should care, and so should the NFL. This is the ideal local for a Superbowl. The NFL should help the City with financing a new state of the art Stadium, and force the sell of the team. This means that he is going to give Smith the OK to dismantle the team by not signing any long term contracts.You could read between the lines when SD and the owners were quarelling about the stadium. That and AL Davis being buddys with the Spanos family, I mean Al went there but there wasn’t a stadium in the deal. Here’s an idea, now that AL is gone let the Raiders move to LA it would servs AL and Spanos right. Every Chargers Fan should be contacting the NFL shouting fraud, I’ll be the first.

    • RussellGrant

      @MikeTuck Art Modell moved the Browns to Baltimore. The Irsays moved the Colts to Indy in the middle of the night. Al left Oakland and came back only to threaten to move them over and over again and Georgia Frontieri moved the Rams to St Louis with no more than a “Screw you” on the way out. If the Spanos family moves the Chargers, The NFL won’t help since they have a history of saying “OK” to those moves. Only real option would be for someone to buy the franchise and build a stadium in San Diego.