Craigslist Ad: Head Coach Wanted

I am so happy that the people of San Diego are taking a proactive approach for finding a new head coach for the team. Just found this ad on craigslist asking people to send resumes for a head coaching position to Chargers Park.

I promise I didn’t write it. My ad would have additional skills like:
Name rhymes with Deff Pisher, Dill Bowher or Bandy Beid
Will stop his players from tweeting stupid stuff out to the public
Knows where the gas pedal is
Has a level of emotion greater than dull
And on and on and on

  • CindiSpears

    ha ha, I clicked it and it was ready to email. I probably could do better than Norv, but you guys are not ready to see a chick out there calling the plays. Or are you? LOL

    • epadaon

      @CindiSpears I’m ready… As long as you get these boys to win! You can tell them that they are playing like girls out there

  • BoJackRusso

    I laughed so hard when I saw that yesterday!