Reasons Why the Chargers Will Make the Playoffs

I was going to jot down a list of reasons on why we would make the playoffs, but in all actuality, THERE ARE NO GOOD REASONS! Philip Rivers has played terrible this whole season and we have a plethora of injuries and we have a whole city of fans that are constantly yelling for Norv’s head. Remember when we clowned the city of Denver for chanting TEBOW all game long, while watching Kyle Orton fail? We have the same exact situation playing out with our head coach.

There are no good reasons on why we should make the playoffs, BUT we have thought that this team was down and out before and we have seen them come back from the dead like zombies! We have been in worst situations and have seen this team scratch and claw and fight there way into the playoffs. We have seen almost every single player on this roster play at a higher level then they have played this season. This team is not old and outdated, the players that we have seen play at superstar levels are still in their prime.

Our team is streaky and we need to build some confidence quickly. With our backs up against the wall, we are going to have to take chances and hopefully some things will go in our direction. We need one BIG TIME play this weekend to wake up our sleeping giant of a team and we can make some noise again. The confidence can start flowing and we can have some fun again. One win can lead to two, which can lead to three and so on and so on.

This division has not been lost yet and as long as we are still in the hunt, I WILL STILL BELIEVE.

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  • CindiSpears

    Well, someone has been drinking the kool-aid. I hate to say it, but if we make the playoffs they may not fire Norv. So, as much as I would like them to, I would like them not to. :(

    • epadaon

      @CindiSpears i think i am selling the kool aid…. not many people from Charger Park are selling that right now!!!

      Thats an interesting trade-off… do i want the playoffs or do i want norv out!?! hmmm

      • CindiSpears

        Right? Look at it this way, even if we do go to the playoffs, Norv will fuck it up. @epadaon

        • RussellGrant

          @CindiSpears@epadaon The lady speaks the truth! Norv is a .500 coach. No better than a coin flip most games.

        • epadaon

          @RussellGrant@CindiSpears yea… there definitely would be frustration when we get to the playoffs… but i will take my chances out there again

    • RussellGrant

      @CindiSpears I’m not drinking the kool-aid. I know this team has been known to play out of it’s mind about now. I’d be happy if they played with passion but their coach has none so why should they? I’ll believe until they are out completely.

      But short term I’ll say this: If they lose to a Tebow led Denver then Norv should be fired on the spot.

      • CindiSpears

        Believe me. I drink the kook-aid often. I have been a Chargers fan since birth and will be old and crippled and still rooting for them. That is why Norv must go. Being a Chargers fan is special and we need a coach who believes that. @RussellGrant

  • Kr4zyjammer

    As a charger fan for life I still believe too brother. Just look at our post november record over the past few years

  • BoJackRusso

    He’s right people, stand behind your team. Stand behind PR. He’s human just like the rest of us, and can have a bad year, One great game can turn the tide. Stan behind SP too. What he said was crummy, but he’s frustrated like the rest of us.

    In no way do I support Norv, but firing him on a whim without a decent replacement is not a smart move.

    I’m mixed on this. Norv makes me want to puke with his indifferent unemotional approach, and he knows he’ll have an OC job somewhere next season regardless of the turnout of the remainder of this season.

    So I want to not care…

    But San Diego needs to back their team. There are 6 games left. The players may have given up on the coaching staff, but I refuse to believe they have given up on us, the fans. Philip won’t give up; will you?

    #BOLTUP or shut up. This is our team. Stand behind them. Go Chargers. I still believe PR will become himself again. He has six more chances to prove it.

    But for the love of God Mr. Spanos, get the hell rid of A.J. and Norv Turner after it’s all said and done.

    That being said, this is November & December, this is our time. Believe in your team and support them and we’ll get to those playoffs.


    • Kr4zyjammer

      @BoJackRusso well said

      • BoJackRusso

        Ha, thanks. @Kr4zyjammer

  • RussellGrant

    As one of the few Charger fans that lives in the middle of Raider Nation I will hold onto the faith until we get eliminated. But my torch and pitchfork are by the door.

    • epadaon

      @RussellGrant i am already calling for heads to roll, but it doesnt mean i wont believe in some of these players… my torch is already lit and pitchfork is in hand, just waiting till i can put it down fully

    • LymanVillaraza

      @RussellGrant I also live near the City of Brokeland. I used to work in deep East Oakland and still sported my powder blues. Not something I would recommend. But like you, my torch and pitchfork are at the ready.

      • epadaon

        @LymanVillaraza@RussellGrant you all are CRAZY to be rocking that powder blue in that town… but that is why i think i like you all!!! rockin it till i die! OR TILL SOME CHOKELAND FAN STABS ME

  • JdLarkin

    Like some teams are doing, “Suck for Luck” slogans, we should be doing our own. Like “Why be Normal, fire Norval” or ” Suck every Sunday until someone else can lead the Way !”

    Let’s fire AJ for average talent pickups in the past three years, Fire the talent scouts and Fire Norv for being a crappy HC but re-hire him to be our OC unless we feel good about Shelman. Bring in someone to be GM from the Steelers, Patriots, Packers or Ravens tree of idealisms. Bring in a HC that like the McCarthy’s, Harbaughs, Tomlins, or even from the tree of Marty such as Cowher. We need to rebuild the foundation that is lacking the true spirit of Charger football. Bolts light up the sky with a high aerial attack and lightning hits the ground with a stout defense. That wins football games, PERIOD!!!! Seems like those other guys know that.

    • CindiSpears

      Any chance you are a coach? @JdLarkin

    • epadaon

      @JdLarkin im liking your slogans!!

      It aint Normal till we FIRE Norval!!

  • SandyPeisner

    The Chargers are dead. The question is can they win another game before the season ends

    • epadaon

      @SandyPeisner one game?!!?! i have no question that we will win one more game!!! check back after Sunday to see if I change my answer!

  • mystereojones

    It’s ironic that Rivers is having his worst season as a pro with supposed QB guru Norv Turner serving as his QB coach instead of John Ramsdell (the guy who turned supermarket bagger Kurt Warner into a two-time MVP and Super Bowl champion, Marc Bulger, Trent Green and others). Turner felt that he needed to tutor Rivers himself because of the lockout.

  • BoJackRusso

    What do you all think about Charlie Joiner as an OC? Could he do it?

    • CindiSpears

      I’m not sure, but they could give him a chance. He could re-ignite Air Coryell. @BoJackRusso

      • Kr4zyjammer

        @CindiSpears@BoJackRusso need the don back

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