Anonymous Chargers Source: Antonio Gates is "Old and Fat"

Alright so some ANONYMOUS PUNK in the Chargers organization had to say this about Antonio Gates:

It’s harsh to say, but he looks old and fat. He’s not beating people. We don’t have any speed, we’re soft on defense, and we put so much on our quarterback. When he was playing great, we could kind of get away with it. Now he’s not playing very well, and it’s all falling apart. (Pro Football Talk)

I will take an old, fat and slow Antonio Gates if it is gonna get me 90+ yards and a score. He is looking better and better this season and we need his presence on the field. It sure doesn’t stop opposing teams from double teaming him when we get down close to the red zone.

Time to play the guessing game: Who called Antonio Gates old and fat?!?! I am going to go with Antonio Cromartie! Who are you guessing?

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  • trapj99

    @epadaon what

    • BB_Chargers

      @trapj99 some anonymous source is calling gates OLD AND FAT!

  • TedScovell

    Cromartie isn”t in the Chargers organization, so guess again. I’ll say this though, if he is outed he’ll be out the door with AJ’s foot in his ass.

    • epadaon

      @TedScovell OK… i know its not Cro, but the pro football talk article said they confirmed it was not LT, so i went off their assumption…

      if i had to guess a current bolt, i would say Randy McMichael. he has already opened his mouth too much this year

  • Boltzaction

    This seems pretty accurate summation of the Chargers problem. Jackson and Floyd are good, but not really good – teams have given Jackson the opportunity to beat them and he can’t do the job. Gates is getting old and foot problems tend not to go away, defensively the talent level is withering away. There are a lot of considerations but the bottom line is this: Norv was brought in to win a Superbowl and did not accomplish the task with a team that had the talent.

  • MikeTuck

    Jackson and Floyd and Brown are excellent recievers. They’re given the routes to run. Finally instead of running Jackson downfield every play they used slants and quick outs. It took 8 weeks for Turner to figure that out. It doesn’t matter how good or bad Rivers is, it’s about game planning by our mastermind Turner. Smith had a Superbowl coach that was right there, he wasn’t willing to give the coach control over his other coaches. Smith the control goddess was the one that threw Marty out and hired Yes Sir Turner. Watch some film of Marty trusting his team and mixing it up to where the other team didn’t know what was next.

    Now watch the quality of play calling by Turner. Manning, and other great QB’s had the ability and the trust of their coach to call their own plays. Here’s a QB raised under a coach that is being manipulated into looking 2nd rate. It’s time for you Charger Fans to screem at every game ” We want Cowher” until Spanos see’s through AJ. AJ is going to put us in the 90′s if he’s not gone before the years end.

  • MikeTuck

    Cowher is shopping for a team he’d like to coach. Unlike alot of the Fans that can’t see past the field level, I see a chance to use the existing stadium as a invite to Cowher. Coaches like Cowher see the talent in San Diego and know the posibilitys. A great place to live and chock full of talent. Cowher will fire up this team like he’s one of them. He will be alot more creative and he will get someone that is willing to bring pressure.Wade Phillips for instance, but either Turner and Smith are complete idiots or this is a throw away year so they can move the team to LA. That’s exactly what it looks like, so if you SD fans want to let your team leave town without a fight, start demanding the firing of Smith and Turner now. And get in Spanos ear about Cowher and the Rings he’d bring to the Chargers. The expectations for this team were high for good reason. Floyd may be a better reciever than Jackson, but Smith was going to let him go. Troy Brown is showing great promise, and a great repoir w/ Rivers. TuTu ended up in Carolina but hey we have Goodman. Walters didn’t make the grade but either did Welker. Do I have to spell it out any further!!!!!!!

  • Boltzaction

    Sounds like the flavor of the day to me. Norv has been running the same system for years, I agree the opportunities to run it successfully don’t seem to be here right now and he seems to be slow to embrace change – seems 2 good tight ends is the big thing now. Cowher – yuck! AJ not likely to hire a
    Marty clone, BTW, I believe the extraordinarily poorly handled firing of MS was
    a insight into AJ’s approach, it cost us Wade Phillips, and that hurt, I have the sense they pushed Buddy Nix out (anyone know the details?). The talent
    level has really been improving in Buffalo since he has been GM. I have been
    behind AJ and Norv until certain this thing was going south, it’s hard
    maintaining talent when a team is not getting top ten picks – and AJ’s
    insistence on choir boys has not helped. The good news is we have a pretty
    solid O line and a normally great QB – decent running backs as well.
    I don’t think this is about LA, not that it won’t happen, this is about a team losing talent, especially defensively.
    As for fans knowing who is the NFL coaching talent – that’s a bit humorous, being up in the Bay area it was obvious Harbaugh was something special, but that does not happen too often, did most people know about Schwartz before Detroit – best to let the experts figure out who to hire, AJ has not done so well in that regard, remember Ted Cottrell?

  • MikeTuck

    Joe Montana and Jerry Rice weren’t top ten picks. Those are the kind to sell seats. Aj Smith has been underminding this team since he forced Marty out. Cowher Yeck another Marty, yes except he has the rings to prove it. Cowher has the firwe this team needs. If your sold on these guys tell me, Rivera and Manusky were brought in to provide pressure, non exist because they are puppets to AJ and Turner. I get sick and tired of the blaming the players. You listen to coaches shows and they can’t understand the lack of pressure either. And your statement as to Turner. He’s so vanilla defensive coaches are laughing all the way to the playoffs.AJ Smith is not Butler nor will he ever be. He has made some great picks. Luigit and Butler are the real deal. But thr picks in the Marty years to the Turner years are a 50% lose of confidence. Todman I think was a good pick, he should be playing on returns. TuTU was the real deal Goodman not! and Welker explain what a great move that was. You don’t have to be a top 60 pick to be a great player. There’s been more bust than winners in the 1st round. It’s what Sith has given away do to his lousey people skills. Flavor of the day usually is not vanilla, and Cowher has players respect and the rings. Wake up and smell the victory you haven’t smelled in the last few years.


    Something we need to do as a TEAM… F$CK what people say. LETS GO CHARGERS, brush the off our shoulders and let’s play FOOTBALL. we have done it before.. We know how to play this game. Our play calling is so predictable, going from Marty (I love you man!! Lol) to Norv is one in the same. AJ and Dean (SHAKING MY HEAD) don’t do what’s best for the CHARGERS they do what’s best for themselves, we have star players who deserve to get paid, we need to stop trying to teach lessons and win CHAMPIONSHIPS. Football is not personal and that’s how management runs our franchise.