Chargers 38 - Packers 45: Rivers Can't Rally Bolts Back

The Bolts picked up another loss and dropped down to a 4-4 record. They did not lose any ground in the AFC West race with the Oakland Raiders and the Kansas City Chiefs losing their games today.

Philip Rivers stepped up his performance in this game, but it was his interceptions again that stopped the Bolts from taking the victory. There was a lot of good things to take from the game though. The offense looked a lot better with Antonio Gates and Vincent Jackson stepping up in the passing attack.

The defense could not slow down Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers though. They were able to march down the field and put 7s on the board the whole game. The defense did make some big stops at the end of the game and gave the offense a couple of chances to tie the ballgame up. The offense just was not able to keep up with the Packers offense.

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  • Kenny

    The defense did pretty good all things considered. The packers have been picking defenses apart for more than a season, and our defense was able to keep the game with in reach. If you take away the to pick sixes that Rivers had, the defense held them to less points then our offense scored. The game was intense, and even though we we finished with a loss, it was nice to see the Chargers in the fight all the way to the end against a great team…

    • CindiSpears

      True. But will we start playing with that level of intensity for all opponents? If we had played like that against any of our other losses we still would have won. So disappointing. @Kenny

    • epadaon

      @Kenny there are definitely some good things to take from that ballgame. i knwo we lost, but that is what was expected from us….. VJ and Gates are getting healthier and we are starting to see some playmakers step up. Antwan Barnes is a monster and should be starting when Shaun Phillips gets back. Barnes and Phillips would be sweet on the outsides… sit down LaGirl on the bench.

      Tommie Harris needs to overtake Liuget and Vincent Brown showed some good things!

  • sdboltzfan

    No surprise, we lost to an elite team again. We might be able to get past Oakland since Campbell is out and Carson hasn’t had enough time to learn the system. Would be fun to see them beat the Raiders.

  • MikeTuck

    How true Barnes should have been starting all along side Phillips. Luigit, Garay and Cesaire all are puting as much pressure as 3 or sometimes 2 can. LaBoy reminds me of a horse running around the chorral. He seems to be kicking up his heels but not really going anywhere in particular. The Chargers best move if they want to stay with the skeem their in is run a 4-3 the rest of the year. They have a great bunch of tackles/DE. And they have LB’s too but refuse to use them for pressure. Manusky should be imbarressed by the Defenses performence. Yet it’s all on him. Gamble could have played in LaBoys place and he and Barnes could have brought the outside pressure. Rodgers escaped because 5 on 3 with alot of grabbing and holding left alot of holes. Did Gilchrist fix the secoundary problems, no!! Cason came in and tryed to add coverage. Without pressuring the Quarterback Alex Smith could throw for 400 yrds.The Offense is coming along better especially since there’s so many injurys. Jackson is still hurting because he’s let up on routes he usually chases the ball down. I was happy to see Brown get his time, and it’s time for him to replace Crayton. Now imagine that team yesterday being coached by Bill Cowher ( and Wade Phillips ). We win hands down along with the other loses. AS Cindi said we should be dominating with this personnel.

    • epadaon

      @MikeTuck i hate that it took a Phillips injury to get Barnes in the starting lineup and HATE that it took 8 games to figure that out. He should have been doing that from the start of the year. how long does it take to see that LaGirl has done nothing for us!?!

  • MikeTuck

    Dean Spanos has a address and Smith has a facebook page. I am alone probably but I’m calling for a save SD campaign. If Smith was to fire Turner now moving him to offensive Cordinator, and hire Bill Cowher as coach for the rest of the year. Cowher would have say over plays defensively and offensively. Manusky isn’t the problem, it’s the whole game plan of playing not to loose, and not playing to dominate the other team. Cowher would demand agreeiveness on both sides of the ball, he also uses players to their strenghth. Doing this now at the halfway point would save Spanos and Smith some face. But if let go the excuse for last years lack of players and coaching errors won’t ring true at all. The Chargers could be in the rebuilding mode, or they can be in the competing for a Superbowl mode. Dean Spanos if true to his word about bringing a Superbowl to SD should talk with Cowher now as other teams are doing. Have Smith continue this year and turn it over to a proven winner. Smith has been playing on Butler( a Humble Great Man) and has done half the job while fighting for control and not a Superbowl.Bill Cowher, look at the record, his record. He didn’t ride the coatails as Turner and Smith did. Applewhite, Tucker, Walters TuTu you could go on and on, Smith has let go of the fringe talent to put this team in control of it’s own destiney. Coryell is gone but his legacy is being disgraced by this management team!!!!