I Will be the Idiot to Say It, Sign Terrell Owens!

Hear me out before you MURDER me on this post! I know there are a lot of Terrell Owens haters out there and people will say we already have a lot of receivers.

First off, can Malcom Floyd ever finish a game? He makes one acrobatic catch a game and leaves right after with an injury! There is a reason why he didn’t get many offers in the off-season. Once he gets out of the game, nobody is able to fill his spot and everyone focuses in on Vincent Jackson.

As much as I loved Patrick Crayton last year, WHERE IS HE?! He has been bad at punt returns and has been non-existent on offense.

One of our biggest weaknesses this year is our passing offense. It’s crazy, but it is true right now! Adding another threat on the offense can only help.

What is there really to lose by signing TO for one year. He acts up and we cut him. If he gets hurt, we place him on IR like we did Bob Sanders. If he has lost a step, we cut him. Sometimes it takes a risk to get a reward. It would be the same risk we took on Bob Sanders.

TO steps on the filed and demands respect. He showed that he can still be a top playmaker with his play last year with the Bengals and he has been on good behavior the last couple of seasons. The one thing that TO is missing is that championship ring and he could get a chance here.

Where would we play him? If he still has that playmaking ability, you start him opposite of VJ. When we bring in a 3rd receiver, we use M80 and TO on the outside and put VJ in the slot. VJ has shifted over to the slot a few times this year. He has no fear and will make that catch over the middle. There is no team in the league to cover those 3 receivers when they are on the field.

TO has always been a threat in the red zone. Haven’t we had some issues in the red zone this year? TO and Antonio Gates could be top targets down there.

I know I am insane and I might be getting a little desperate. I would definitely take the chance on him!

Now you can call me an idiot!

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  • Boltfan26

    Okay, your an idiot! There is a reason he has not won a championship despite his talent. It’s all about him. He does not know what it is to be on a team. Do not even look ay him!

  • Sean Ward

    I said sign him last year. They won’t Aj Smith would never but I totally agree with you. Floyd is always getting hurt and the Chargers need a #2WR, with Gates not 100%.

  • Kiko Wilson

    Same here

  • Bolt Beat

    i was saying the same thing last year and unfortunately you are right…. AJ would never take the chance


    @chargersbuzztap You’re not watching his workout on NFLN now, are you?

    • BB_Chargers

      @BFISA im not … is it going OK?

      • BFISA

        @epadaon Sure; TO sucks, he’s winded, he’s not ready, there’s no NFL reps there.

  • CindiSpears

    He’s a big fat dork, but he has great hands and can run like the wind. He would come here if only AJ would call him. Maybe that would make Rivers wake up?

  • samrm5

    @chargersbuzztap I second that!!’

  • 1961 Fan

    Dear A. J.

    You have enough problems now; but if you sign T. O. then you can complete

    the job of screwing up the Bolts, until Spanos gets some balls and kicks you out

    of San Diego along with that loser coach of yours.

    • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

      @1961 Fan im not sure if that is a vote for TO or not?!? haha, i will take it!

  • rickcnsdca

    I think their maybe more options better than T.O. Dont believe he is not in shape or winded he isn’t. He would be a good option from what we have now, except we have a staff that couldn’t train him because they can’t train who we have now, thus why bother. It’s time to REBUILD the chargers and not with the staff we have.

  • MikeTuck

    You’ve gone insane, he’s old and did you see the effort by Floyd. A very underappreciated player. Gates McMichael Jackson Floyd Sperry Brown. Enough said. It is not the personnel it’s the game plan, the skeems, the TURNER.

    • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

      @MikeTuck the Turner!! haha! If Malcom could stay healthy, he is a top notch guy. he just cant stay on the field!

    • rickcnsdca


      I could not agree more.Norv has got to go. He must be bribing AJ to stay onboard. We do have some weapons of mass destruction that don’t know their way out of a box with Turner on the field. Bring back Martyball. They should of hired our Def coordinator last year or Pittsburgh’s ex manager. Why didn’t they bring Wade back as Def Coordinator once Dallas axed him? Why Why Why it’s Spanos, AJ, and Norv the deadbeats of the year award they would win but a game they can’t.

      • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

        @RickClaude@MikeTuck oh i wish wish wish we brought back wade phillips… that is a coach that is aggressive in his blitzes!!!

  • MikeTuck

    It looked that way because last year he was on a island and constantly getting blasted due to a lack of other worthy WR. Now Jacksons back and they should be best of friends. Brown came in before the Bye and looked great, but then again so did TuTu and he’s in Carolina and we have Goodman. Crayton is not smart, Walters could be a bust or he could be Wes Welker.

    Small fast intelligent recievers get it done and always will. We keep developing players we cut to become superstars somewhere else.

  • realchargersfan

    Chargers need to sign T. O. – His Skills and Work Ethic would significantly help the Chargers. Having T. O., VJ, M. Floyd and A. Gates on the field at the same time would create significant match up problems for defences. If you add Crayton, Mc Michael or Brown to mix, there is not a team in the league that can cover all of these receivers in the red zone or open field with Phillip Rivers at Quarterback. T.O. addition to the receivers group would also significantly help Phillip Rivers both in the open field and red zone. By taking T. O. you also keep him away from other Contending teams.

    It is better that T. O. catches a touchdown that leads your team to the playoffs then him catching a T.D. pass that ends your season. SIGN T. O. Signing T. O. or any receiver of his caliber, that has been injured now, would be affordable or a bargain. Only a loser or idiot would not think that he could not help this team. This GUY gets a bad rap. It is not that the things he has said in the pass were not true. But he is a different guy now. He misses Football and wants to win. Give him a chance. The Chargers need to SIGN T. O. and show us that you really want to WIN!!!!!!! The Alternative is that the Raiders, Steelers, Jets, Chiefs… sign him. Sign T. O. so that we are attending NFL Footbal Games in San Diego in January 2012. Tired of losing!!! Chargers need to act like they want a Downtown STADIUM and want to win a Champonship! Sign T. O.

    • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

      @realchargersfan thanks for joining in!! Always love seeing new people join in on the comments!!!

      You already saw my take! Lets bring this guy on!

  • MikeTuck

    Cowher wants the job with a team like this, Smith doesn’t want him because he doesn’t know how to say “yes sir”

  • MikeTuck

    How about Cowher as head coach, phillips as Defensive cordinator and let cowher decide his Offensive side. That is a pipe dream because Spanos and Family doen’t know football like Klien did.

  • MikeTuck

    Germs look great as one but they multiply and then you have 53 malcontents on your team. This team has chemistry and that’s important, TO has been going all over for a reason!!!!

  • rickcnsdca

    You don’t pick up garbage from another team. Owens and Ochinco are one in the same. Don’t come to San Diego we could do better in the free agency. Rivers needs to get in sync but Floyd needs to be consistant so we can deliver a 1/2 punch. If you can’t put a team away when your ahead by nearly 20 points then you got a problem. Norv Turner is a softie. We need Cowher here not in Miami and he might be more tempted by a Chargers deal although he seems to be fine in broadcasting. Just sitting week after week doing nothing to improve especially with a talent laden team makes no sense to me. We need a RB like Forte and Matthews together as well.

  • MikeTuck

    I’m sorry Floyd has only dropped some really bad throws, Jackson has dropped some in his hands, and Crayton enough said. Brown could turn out to be a great reciever but their looking for a sure thing. There is no such thing, it’s a relationship between QB and reciever. Rivers was glad Floyd and Jackson returned. And he built up a repore with Brown practicing over the summer. Brown was a good pick, it’s up to the coach to use his talents, Turner doesn’t like rookies no matter how good they are. Turner lives and calls plays in the past. We need a coach that sees a future, and creats like one. Anybody got some Coryell DNA!

    • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

      @MikeTuck im gonna go pick up some of that Coryell DNA down at CVS and throw it over to Chargers park!!! it is just sad that one of the weaknesses of this team is the offense right now. we cant protect the ball!

  • MikeTuck

    Your absolutely right, but I really am seeing frustration on the Chargers faces especially Rivers. You have to remember they played the Martyball offense when he loosened it up. They’ve felt what a good game plan feels like and the ability to run alot more and inventive plays than their running right now. I’m relly serious about this love of between the tackles. It’s a hell of a play if you have a great blocking line and a quick back. Sometimes they line up our running backs so far behind the QB the holes closed before he gets there. And when a blitzing LB or the DE can get to the back before he gets the ball, blocking or not, there’s something wrong with your positioning. The RB can get close enough to the QB that on a 3 step drop he’s not seen behind him and that makes the defense wonder where he went. Mostly I miss the great ball fakes that fool the defense and camera man. !st yr. & 2nd Yr QB’s are use to these fakes coming out of college. They work in the pros to but are seldomly used. kEEPING THE DEFENSE OFF BALANCE, GUESSING, THE SPEED OF THE COUNT, AND HUDDLE LESS PLAYS 3 IN A ROW.Methoticle, constant and steady running of plays are so predictable, that’s why the coaches are at fault for our offense’s problems. A great game plan uses all of these odditys to throw defenses off. Showing different looks doesn’t get it alone.

  • rickcnsdca

    Yes I remember the days even with Brees and now Rivers. Faked a run with LT and he passed a perfect spiral to the end zone for a touchdown. We don’t play any ball that fakes out our opponets anymore. They should be planning new offensive and defensive moves all week long according to whom we are playing. They can’t even get that right. We need Marty back or Bill in. It’s way past time to fire Norv and his coordinators. Getting sick of his smiling face after we just had a touchdown with ease scored against us. He needs to get in the players faces and it’s time to make some changes. Billichek constantly makes changes even after they win the Superbowl. Harbaugh brother do the same but haven’t gotten as far as the Pats yet. We need a McFadden, a Harris for that matter or a Forte that wants out of Chicago. The Chargers do have money time to spend some of it!!!!

    Rick N San Diego

  • MikeTuck

    The Chargers have had plenty of chances to get a quality coach. In the new Sports Illustrated it showed the teams that are lining up to talk to Cowher. The Chargers weren’t one of them. This is the fate of a Chargers team that hasn’t won a Superbowl. The only draft I ever picked a top rounder begging the Chargers to get him it was Jr. Seau. Well now that want is Cowher, as emotional as Seau, as great a motivator and tough but fair to his players, he sis one of them. The Clock is ticking and the move if done by Spanos will put him on the greatest stage on earth. But that door will close in a nanosecound if they keep backing Turner. Only real football owner/fans would do somthing like that. Only one who was serious as his words – we came here to win a superbowl–. This is like going for Coryell, at mid season and leave Manusky at defense. Move Turner to the box for a puppet offensive Cord. to save face.

    But the Chargers would turn to a different team in 3 weeks and be dominating. Seriously Charger Fans Look at Cowhers repore with the players, look at his fired up relationship with his players, look at his record. He knows the talent is there and ready to cut loose.