Week 7 – Who is leading the Chargers?

I am beginning to sound like a broken record.  I think I use the words “discipline” “time management” and “conservative” in a negative manner every week after the Chargers play.  This week is not an exception.  I am so tired of the anemic play calling, lack of understanding of the boundaries of the play clock and the complete absence of leadership coming from the sideline.  What in the heck is happening with the Chargers?  Well, that seems like it would have been a better headline.

Rivers – I do not know what is going on with him, but he is under performing in every possible way.  Is he hurt?  Tired of getting hit?  Or just so pissed off at the coaches that he has given up?  179 yards, really?  That’s typically a halfs worth.  More interceptions than TD’s?  WTF?   Rivers has me way beyond concern and on the verge of panic.  I had a couple Ryan Leaf flashbacks on Sunday.  Being afraid when the Chargers QB throws the ball is not an option.

Manusky -  I have no words to express how pissed off I am at your defense.  13 penalties for 95 yards?  I was actually hopeful after the Denver game that we were reeling these guys in, what happened?  I agree that the officiating was not stellar, but letting your players spout off about it is a leadership deficiency on your part.

It’s time for a clear team leader to step up and get this team together.  Come on Chargers, you got this!

ChargerGirl Cindi

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  • northidahobolt

    wow…I’m so disappointed with our last 2 performances. Cindi’s points are really valid but it goes deeper than them. No. 1….Spanos’ weak comittment to win the Super Bowl. Beating the dead horse here…how can anyone fire a coach that went 14-2? Then hire a mediocre coach with a dismal record and limited successes, not go after Bill Cowher or even Jon Gruden? No. 2, Norv…Where is the fire and killer attitude? The head coach is responsible for motivation, inspiration and yes, time management, play calling (as OC) and hiring competent coaches and staff. He lacks these qualities, Manusky? He is as effective as LaBoy. No. 3, Leadership… see above. The special teams have improved, thank goodness. I will always be a Charger fan, have been since I was 9 in 62…rode my bike to camp when it was in Escondido. Where is Gene Klein, Don Coryell and the ass kickin attitude we need so bad?

    • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

      @northidahobolt I dont know why I love the point of Manusky is as effective as Laboy so much… Maybe because it’s true and mostly because Laboy is on my crap list!

      • CindiSpears

        Who isn’t on your crap list? @epadaon @northidahobolt

        • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

          @CindiSpears@northidahobolt dang it cindi you are right!!!! i am full of so much HATE this year!! I will go with Shaun Phillips not on the crap list..

    • CindiSpears

      So true. We need a guy like Coryell again. @northidahobolt