TE McMichael not impressed by Jets performance.

After watching the Chargers @ Jets game this Sunday, it was very apparent to me that it was not necessarily a great performance by the Jets that swayed the momentum of the game. In fact, I would place all the blame on a poor performance of the Bolts. Call Revis a “shut-down” corner all you want but when the ball was thrown in timing with Vincent Jackson‘s routes, VJ actually had a step on Revis on half the plays. Rivers did seem a bit out of sync and they did a great job of shutting down our ground game, but does that mean we played poorly or they played greatly?

Here is TE Randy McMichael‘s take on the game:

“Their secondary isn’t anything,” McMichael said after the game. “It’s our fault. It had nothing to do with anybody on their team. It’s all about the guys in this locker room room, we lost the game. They didn’t do anything.”

Would you place more of the blame on the Chargers not showing up for the game? Or would you say the Jets were playing at an elite level?

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  • CindiSpears

    I would say the Chargers did not show up for the second half and the Jets played just good enough to capitalize on their absence.

  • Joshua Hinson

    I Hope Everyone in that locker room felt the way Randy felt!

  • 1961 Fan

    Part of the problem is that Turner and Rivers are not aligned in agreement in the plays

    that Turner is calling. Rivers MAY have some home issues (this month -Oct -his sixth

    child will be born) that we do not know about. We can see the frustration in Rivers actions

    that he knows the Bolts are just an average team. Rivers wants that winners ring and can

    feel that it will not happen this year with this team. Another problem is Rivers is not a

    complete QB like Brees. Rivers is a “pocket passer” and when pressured he has to

    scramble and he is about the most UNmobile QB in the league. Schottenheimer saw this

    and kept using Brees because he gave the Chargers the best chance to win and Rivers

    was unseasoned at that point. When you have a QB who has the most passing yards and

    the highest rating along with the number 1 offense and defense and NOT win your weak

    (2010) division then you have an very real Coaching problem.

  • MikeTuck

    Amen, it’s enough of the Gates saga, and lets get on with what we got. Sperry and McMichael block well and we could up the running game alot more. Note to Turner, running inside the tackles is grat, once in a while. Mathews has speed and should be used alot more off tackle and on sweeps. I think Dielman was one of the best pulling guards, along with Hardwick. Again we made it in the endzone, and again it was 3 straight plays in a row. Defensive Coaches have Turners number. But how hard is that, great coaches evolve like Marty did with the team, he got more creative each year trusting his players. Turner relys on Turner. You can’t use the same recipe over and over and over.

  • rickcnsdca

    I think that the biggest problem is the Chargers can’t finish out a team. In their 4 wins the best was Miami. I believe we need in all earnest a new offensive coordinator, a new manager as Norv has a history of not finishing games he starts out well in. The players are lackluster. Injuries plague all teams so get over them and play like you want to start when given a chance. Kson is lousy compared to even average safety’s in the league. Rivers keeps saying he needs to do better but shows up every week the same as the last. Matthews puts his heart into it and Tolbert can be dangerous. Jackson and Gates when not injured step on the gas and have some great results. Floyd is like the bball player sleepy Floyd half awake half asleep. Shaun Phillips is a 100 percent contributer. Getting rid of Merriman was great this is year 2 that he has been out for the rest of the season due to injuries and he loves to chase the stars like Big Ben does. Getting rid of Sproles was a stupid move by AJ. Larry English has had a few good games in his several years on the squad and on and on and on. They are not a good team. If they don’t turn it around now they can forget about going anywhere. Time to rebuild now. Bottom line!!!

    • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

      @RickClaude thanks for joining in Rick. Norv is so vanilla that it drives us all nutty! if we don’t make it to the playoffs this season or have a poor showing in the playoffs, then we need to make that move immediately!

  • MikeTuck

    Your right, except Rivers is the real deal. Rivers spent all summer trying to get his team together and ready. I think when it was time to go he found Turner was clueless and is playing heartless football. When you don’t want to play for someone you will play just as he is. The team is stacked, people get hurt alot when they play by going through the motions. Rivers probably learned more offense from his Dad than Turner has learned his whole life. In this game you have to keep learning, inventing plays. Turner quit along time ago, that’s why his offense is so predictable. He’s old school in that you get a lead and sit on it and depend on your defense in a prevent style. ( watch the game tapes). This team doesn’t need rebuilt, that is the mistake everyone makes. It’s being held back by a man refusing to go forward. I wish we could get Bolt Beat and Bleacher report to start a Cowher to replace AJ and Turner campaign. I guarintee you Cowher sees the same thing. Misuse of personnel, Crayton cost us the game, his fare catch was as good as a turnover. Brown has looked really good in there and should be playing in craytons place at WR. And Todman should be returning kicks w/ Brown on punts. This team has it all, they need a believer to fire them up COWHER.