Long Shot Happened: Carson Palmer to the Raiders

The Cincinnati Bengals finally budged and traded QB Carson Palmer to the Oakland Raiders. They paid a pretty hefty price to get him though. A couple of 1st rounders!!!!

Still, the Raiders are like a roach that just won’t DIE!

They are trying to win today and they don’t care what happens tomorrow. Winning the division over them will be that much more sweeter. Let’s see if Carson Palmer has anything left or is even ready for this season.

The Raiders will be a HUGE challenge in the division. We face them in a few weeks on a Thursday night game and the Q will be rocking. You know all the Raiders fans will be crawling out of their holes to see this clash. Having the Raiders good again is fun and irritating.

Carson Palmer to the Raiders now official. Compensation expected to be a 1 in 2012 and a conditional 1 in 2013.
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  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/San-Diego-Charger-Fans-in-Austin/141452695877591 Kenny

    The best thing to come of this situation is that there 2012 draft will be complete garbage now. “…they will also have traded away their first-round, second-round, fourth-round, and seventh-round picks for 2012 in various other deals”(from yahoo) That is unreal. Palmer has been out of the game for a bit, and probably will not be in rythm by our first meet-up.

    • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

      @Kenny they will get some compensation picks for losing nnamdi and gallery in the offseason…. but i do llike that they will not have a first rounder for the next couple of seasons and they are sacrificing the future for him

  • Jeffrey Perkins

    The Chargers should of made a move at OLB. Not sure who was avil, teams that season is over may have took draft picks. I would of sent a num 1. Our pick would of been high 20′s.

  • Ernie Padaon

    cameron wake out of miami might have been available.. that woudl have been nice… it would have been awesome to get jared allen from minnesota too, but his contract is too large

  • A_Eme_O_Ere

    ROFLMFAO! The Raiders gave away a 1 and a 2 (possibly 1) for a 32-year old quarterback. No other team in the league was even willing to give away a 3rd rounder for Palmer. Jason Campbell, who they had already invested several draft choices on, is done as a Raider. The Raiders 2012 draft will be almost inconsequential. But best of all Baby Huey seems to have taken over the reigns for big Al. Although Al might have made this trade he would not of given away so much for so little. Excellent day to be a Charger, hief or Bronco fan.