Jon Gruden Signs 5 Year TV Contract, Chargers Fans SIGH

Jon Gruden extended his contract with ESPN for 5 more years and will not be on the market for head coaching jobs.

Some Chargers fans hurt inside with that news. They have been hoping that we would be in the market for a coach like Gruden after we finally cut ties with Norv Turner.

With AJ Smith as our general manager, I don’t think we EVER had a chance at adding a head coach like Gruden. AJ and Gruden would never be able to get along and their would be all kinds of drama in the front office.

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  • Trong Lam


  • Joshua Hinson

    Man, I wish that was a 5 year deal to coach the Chargers!

  • San Diego Charger Fans in Austin

    I bet there is an opt out clause in the contract. This guy would love to be back on the feild coaching the right team.

  • CindiSpears

    Have you seen him commentating? It’s like he got neutered. I’m not sure if they have him on meds or his psycho edge is just gone.