Coach’s Guide for Week 7

I think I have recovered enough from week five and my mini heart attack to have a little chat with the coaches on what they need to work on during the bye.  I feel it’s my obligation since it’s obvious Norv isn’t doing it.  On that note, let’s start with him.

Norv – I would like to suggest you get a dictionary.  Look up words like “dominate”, “pressure” and “conservative”.  You need to start doing the first two, dominate the game as though there were two hours left on the clock and stop getting conservative with a ‘game over’ attitude until the clock actually does say 0:0:0.  Your inability to understand any sort of time management is our biggest issue going forward.  GET A WATCH!  So, “dominate” good, “conservative” bad.

Hal – Your guys are doing better on the line, but the penalties are stacking up.  I would love to see a week without someone jumping off early.  Maybe you could try some good old fashioned threatening.  You jump offside, you do not get lunch.  That should get their attention.  It just seems like they should know the snap count going in, right?  Have you had all of their hearing checked?

Rich – I realize the ball is being kicked into the end zone more often, but that doesn’t mean you can’t run it back for a TD.  I remember when we lead the league in kick returns for yardage and TD’s.  Wouldn’t it be nice to do that again?  Oh, and tell the guys to stop running the fuck backwards!  I’m not sure if they know the backwards yards do not count.  I know you are new, but a dominant special teams performance is what gets you into the playoffs.

John P.  – Dude, your guys need to be intercepting the ball.  Practice the pic/six.  I would love to see the defense looking like it did when we had Cromartie.  If they can’t catch it, practice the crush and fumble.  See film of Seau and Harrison for tips on this technique if you haven’t already.  The defense is doing ok, but it just looks like they are out there trying not to get into trouble.  Dominate, don’t dilly dally.

Recap – Time management and points by offense, defense and special teams.  Let’s go!

ChargerGirl Cindi

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  • MikeTuck

    Good call, Pressure and keeping Rivers from getting beat to hell are the 2 things lacking. I like your DOMINATE touch, it seems a 3 point lead to Turner means we got’em where we want them now sit on the ball. I think Turner is to into playing grab ass with the opposing coaches, is he afraid of them? For *#*’s sake you have a great offense shake up the plays and don’t look back. And as far as interseptions go, there would be alot more if Mausky would blitz the QB more, that is what causes rushed and bad throws. I thought that’s why you would run the 3-4 is to have speed on the outside while your tackles tie up the line. The problem with the Chargers is they have some damn good horses but the owner and jockie keep holding them back, let them rip!!!!!

  • shantelle1109

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  • MikeTuck