Chargers vs Broncos: Inside the Numbers

baby giraffe is on the move

Is everyone OK!?! I had a bit of a heart attack during the game, just hope that everyone made it out OK! Here are look at some of the numbers from the game:

0. Sacks by our defense. More pressure? 3-man rush won’t get it done.

1. Dropped interception by Eric Weddle

1/5. Red zone efficiency. We better get that fixed.

2. Another pair of turnovers by the team. Both by Philip Rivers.

4. Number of times we should have scored a touchdown instead of kicking a field goal.

4-1. the only stat that should matter! Winning!

5. Sacks allowed by the offensive line on Philip Rivers. Why are they mad at Philip?

5-5. Nails Nick Novak with his field goals.

7. Average yards per rush by the Broncos offense led by Willis McGahee and Tim Tebow.

9. Number of times I was wondering who this Joe Mays kid for the Broncos was. Also the number of tackles for him.

13. Kickoffs that went for a touchback.

16. Number of points that should have been added to our score if we had touchdowns instead of field goals.

  • shantelle1109

    NFL history you should probably try to save face and give Chambers the pass interference call on the last play of the game when he was completely clobbered before the ball even touched him in the endzone.-