Statement From Dean Spanos


“Al Davis is one of the main reasons our family is in the NFL today. Al approached my dad (Alex Spanos) about getting involved in the NFL and was very helpful to us through the process. He had great insight into the league, both the product on the field and the business off the field. He saw the potential for growth. He was very much a visionary. Our family will always be grateful to Al for his friendship.

“Al is also a big reason for the strong rivalry between the Raiders and the Chargers and its popularity among both teams’ fans. He personified the image and mystique of the Raiders, and that image has helped build the strength of our rivalries and the popularity of our game. There has been no one in the NFL like Al Davis.

“The NFL and NFL fans everywhere – not just Raiders fans – owe Al Davis for helping to build the game we all love so much. He will be missed.”

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  • CindiSpears

    I despise the Raiders, but I admired Davis for his efforts. I cried with him when he inducted his guys into the hall of fame. Another good guy gone. If only Raider fans knew what they had.

  • shantelle1109

    There have been many memorable NFL moments on Thanksgiving throughout the years, but here are 10 of the most significant since the modern alignment was introduced in 1966.-