Who Was the Chargers Least Valuable Player Today?

After the beating that we took against the Patriots, who do you think was the Chargers worst player of the game today? Here are your candidates:

Mike Tolbert
From HERO to GOAT? He could not get the ball in from the 1-yard line and score the touchdown and then when we caused a big STOP at midfield to takeover the ball, Tolbert makes a bonehead play and starts running backward and fumbles the ball away.

Philip Rivers
3 TURNOVERS in the game. 2 interceptions and a fumble to give the ball away.

Eric Weddle
Every time the Patriots tight ends were catching touchdowns, Weddle had the coverage and it looked like he could not make a play on the ball.

Antonio Gates
ZERO catches in the game and he didn’t look like the best tight end in the game. He didn’t even look like the second best tight end in the game today!

Who else do you think should be put on this list? These are my candidates, who do you have?

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  • Joshua Hinson

    Weddle who couldn’t cover anyone!

  • Ted Perez

    Defensive coordinator! No preperation.

  • CHARGERSdownestPHan

    I dnt think gates could be blamed for anything they had a good double team on him Philip Rivers wilfork was lucky n the other was just good defense tolbert he could’ve done better but he didn’t got tripped up by Greene at the 1 sad,fumbled, disappointing. I hope on behalf of the rest of the season they pick up the slack, we did poorly and can’t afford to keep up this pace if we want anything close to a wildcard berth and if talking about the crown, we can’t afford to have anymore games similar to this one we’re on everyone’s to do in list can’t give em that hope. What we really need is that sense of desperation like a pk of dogs backed into a corner

  • MarkGarvin

    @CHARGERSdownestPHan That is a good list of culprits. Guilty as charged. Tolbert’s trip on the one and fumble when we had a chance tie really hurt.

  • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

    @CHARGERSdownestPHan i dont know why we dont get that attitude until we are chasing some team in the standings! We need that attitude and that mindset

  • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

    @CHARGERSdownestPHan i dont know what tolbert was thinking… he seems to FUMBLE at the most inopportune times!

  • MarkGarvin

    @epadaon @CHARGERSdownestPHan I do have to say that the Pats know how to cheat. Their O-line hold on every play and D-backs were all over our receivers. They play the odds that you will only get so many penalty flags vs. the unfair advantage of cheating.

  • johnnystorm609

    the two pics werent rivers fault, wilfork disengaged and made a play on the ball and the sencond was caused because the right side of the o-line, who got dominated for the 2nd straight week, was gettin pushed back and he couldnt step into the throw. you cant get mad at the safties because everytime their tightends scored we ran a cover 2 and brady hit them in front of the safties and lbs didnt get deep enough to make the throw harder because they had to bracket welker. gates was targeted once but that freed up alot of space for v jax the rbs who had a great day in rec. i point the fingers at tolbert and norv. i blame norv for the 4th and goal play for 2 reasons : 1) he could’ve called a qb sneak or a fb dive. 2) he chose to run that play to the worse side of the o line. dielman mcneil and hardwick are pro bowlers so why not run their way? i blame tolbert because he tripped on that play, mathews would’ve had the burst to the edge because randy had a good seal, and tolbert fumbles at the wrong times. he makes plays but his fumbles always turn the game around, if you move up in the draft to take a succesor to LT u gotta give him the bulk of the carries and he actually did a decent job in pass protection

  • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

    @johnnystorm609 mathews averages 5.3 yards a carry and we were still trying to feed the rock to Tolbert. That made no sense to me!! I was calling for a sneak once i found out where the ball was placed.. should have hurried to the line and got that done!!!!

    I would give one pick to philip. He should have never thrown that ball to gates. it was off his back foot and he was hoping to make a play.

  • johnnystorm609

    no it was the right throw but i think it was clary that was getting pushed back and it caused phil to not step into the throw fully, he was balanced he just couldnt put it all on the throw bcuz that right side stunk for the past 2 games

  • MikeTuck

    Again, Marty trusted Tomlinson, he made some errors too, but he also broke some big plays. The offensive line needs to take off the thongs and get nasty across the board and Mathews needs at least 25 touches. You want some highlight film you got to let him get a rythem and wear out the defensive lines. The Chargers are a 2nd half team, but carefull who the opponent is. Also I hope this sticks in some of the minds of the give Jackson his money crowd. Floyd does get hurt often but his drops are alot fewer. Floyd and Jackson should recieve close to the same salarys. The Defense sucked because of the lack of pressure. We’ve played NE quite alot these last few years and stopped Brady with all out pressure. He’s great but they gave him way to much respect. He is older to and has alot of bumps and bruises. But it was the game to loose if we had too. Just win out and sacure a spot to see them in January.

  • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

    @MikeTuck have to agree… Mathews needs the ball!! Floyd would be great if he could stay on the field. We just never know how many games he will play