Chargers vs Patriots: Why the Bolts Could Lose

Just in case you are new to this segment, it is something that we post once a week here to look at the other side of the coin. Here are some reasons on why the Patriots can beat us this weekend: 

Gronk-andez: Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez
These two tight ends are big and they know how to get open and Tom Brady loves to throw to them. We never have been good at covering tight ends and this will be a matchup problem for Donald Butler and Takeo Spikes in the middle of our defense. These tight ends make plays.

Tom Brady
He threw for over 500 yards on Monday! Donovan McNabb threw for 30-something yards against us on Sunday. Our defense deserves some credit for slowing the Minnesota passing game down, but stopping an aging McNabb will not compare to stopping the best in the game, Tom Brady.

Wes Welker
This little guy is a PLAYMAKER. Tom Brady finds different ways to get him the ball and Welker will find a way to make a play.

Home Field Advantage
The Patriots are 9-0 in Gillette Stadium on home openers. Any road game is difficult and dealing with the “lubed up” fans of New England will be especially tough.

Bill Belichick
As much as I hate the guy, Belicheat sure knows how to make a gameplan. If the game comes down to Norval vs. Bill: Advantage Bill.

Tough Running
It will be tough to run the ball against the Patriots big defensive lineman. They have some big ‘ol boys on that d-line and they love to stuff the run. We will have to find ways to get Ryan Mathews  and Mike Tolbert the ball with short passes like we did against Minnesota.

Tomorrow, I will list out the reasons on why we will pull out the victory in their house!

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  • DougPotter15

    Who’s “brian” belicheck? haha

  • PaulMaland

    Correction for Ernie: Bill Belichick.

    But I do believe this should be called “Why we COULD lose” instead of WILL.

  • MattWilliams

    I don’t know what game you were watching,but the pats played a young miami team.They never got pressure on him.Brady did an interview saying the chargers were a good team.He looked nervous,because the chargers D line will expose him as the ok QB he has become.

    We are not only ready for tom terrific,we can’t wait to put him in the get your chicken popcorn ready,because the San Diego chargers are about to send a message to the rest of the NFL,using the pats as messenger boys.We are the best in 2011,and we will beat the pats to prove it.So make sure you TVO this game.Tom terrific will spend most of the time looking at the sky,in his own stadium.From a diehard charger of 200 years.

    • Ernie Padaon

      not sure why your comment does not show up… but i did see that game, but remember this is the article that says why we could lose. there are a whole lot of reasons on why we will win as well. its a great matchup!

  • A_Eme_O_Ere

    Norv has to be at the top of his game for us to have a chance.

  • epadaon

    @PaulMaland you are right Paul. Change done!

  • epadaon

    @DougPotter15 oh man… Met have had Brian billick or bryan Walters or something else on the brain.. Thanks for the catch

  • epadaon

    @A_Eme_O_Ere it won’t be easy! But its not impossible and we have the talent to pull off the upset

  • Patricia McCluer

    My heart belongs to the CHARGERS!!! Will WIN.

  • epadaon

    @MattWilliams i dont know if we can call tom brady an OK qb. you cant just go out and throw 500 yards and call someone an OK qb.

    I don’t want to defend Brady at all on this, because I hate the guy. This game won’t be easy but it is a game we can win. these are some definite areas that we should worry about though.

  • MattWilliams

    Ok,now to those who question my comment,on tom terriffic,concider this.Miami,has a young

    secondary,who could not began to keep up with,toms recievers.They could not get to tom the whole game.And the offence gave the pats a run for thier money,at times during the whole game.They ran the ball and threw the ball at will.They are just not seasoned enough

    to beat the pats.

    Enter the 2011 Chargers,that every knows is on course to take no prisoners.This is the year we beat the unbeatable,starting with the pats.We have signed 11 guys who are returning from the beatdown we got last year because of special teams.And with one of the best QB in the NFL,Rivers.Tom may be a little bit better then Rivers,and i say a little bit.

    But the rest of the pats cannot,i repeat cannot compete with the rest of our team.

    The San Diego Chargers are the jugernut posied to up set the whole NFL this year.

    I state my football season on it.As i said TVO this game.The pats won’t believe what we bring this Sunday.We are the best right now and any diehard or bandwagon fan knows

    we have been waiting years for this very team.So sit back and watch OUR TEAM make

    history.From a 200 year charger fan.