Chargers vs Vikings: Why the Bolts Will Win

Yesterday, I put together a list of reasons on why we would lose. Sometimes, I hate putting together that list, but we should be looking at both sides and we need to know our weaknesses.

Today, the reasons why we will win:

Philip Rivers and the passing attack
This passing attack with Vincent Jackson, Antonio Gates and friends should be able to light up the scoreboard. The Minnesota Vikings secondary is in shambles and the receivers should be able to take advantage of the poor defense out there.

We will never forget
Is that appropriate for the 9/11 game? Anyway, we still remember Adrian Peterson running all over us and we will be sure to FOCUS on stopping the running game.

Minnesota passing attack SUCKS
Who do the Vikings really have as receivers? Does Bernard Berrian really scare you? Percy Harvin can make some magic happen, but still he needs to get the ball in his hands and he can’t get open. If Minnesota can’t pass the ball around, then we can stack the box to slow down Mr. Peterson.

Norv Turner is going for 100
This really is not a reason on why we will win, but I figured I throw that little nugget in here. He will be going for regular season win number 100.

Fast Start
This has been the focus for all the players! The team’s disappointment from last season should have woke us up (I really hope)! Time to make it happen!

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  • bigbob82

    I wish I was as hopeful as you, but their secondary is actually at full strength for the 1st time in two years and I’m not sure what u mean about percy harvin not being able to get open??? He has seemed to always be open whenever I have watched him. I just hope we don’t sleep on their passing attack because Mcnabb can still throw it and I think they are one of the under the radar teams this year. That said, Chargers win 28-17

  • follOtheLeader

    this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read… yes… the Vikings secondary can be suspect at times; but that’s from Safety play… not our Corners… Cedric Griffin and Antoine Winfield do their jobs greatly. Chris Cook as a nickle gives great additional coverage as well, but if Tyrell Johnson and Husain Abdullah don’t blow any plays we should be able to break up a enough plays to force Rivers to seek other targets and/or attempt to run the ball. Now as far as Percy Harvin not being able to get open………… really……….. I know you’re a fan, but come on now……. really………. Revis Island couldn’t cover him…… and yes… even though the Jets won that game… every TD #12 scored Revis was trying to cover him… who do the Chargers have that’s going to stop him from getting open. And if Bernard Berrian doesn’t scare you… Michael Jenkins should and I’d take man coverage while you try to stop AP from breaking his own record All Day (get it lol… now back to the issue) I’m not a big fan of McNabb but he’s good enough to pick apart man coverage with options like Bernard Berrian, Percy Harvin, Michael Jenkins, Visanthe Shaincoe, and/or Kyle Rudolph… but do you really think a team that has to face the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers twice a year isn’t prepared to stop any teams passing attack? And if They play back off the line then it’s All Day… Why They Will Lose: Because the team is going to come into the game with the same thought pattern as this columns writer. It’s going to be a good game… but writing us off is the quickest way to get your feelings hurt.

  • epadaon

    @follOtheLeader not writing you off at all. You must have missed yesterday’s article on why we would lose.. Hmm.. And if you think that the bears offense and jay cutler compares anything to our, then you have a whole new thing coming to you.

    Bernard berrian? Michael Jenkins? Who? Maybe they will show me something this weekend, but a bunch of nobodies to me!

    Percy has skills! But Percy might be a number 4 receiver on my team!

  • epadaon

    @bigbob82 this is the hopeful article.. You gotta go to yesterday’s post to see the balance. AP scares the crap outta me! It’s gonna be a tough fight!

  • follOtheLeader

    Bernard Berrian… while you can say who? he was on the team when we beat you last… let’s not forget that… and unless you consider TJax and Gus Frerotte to be better QB’s than McNabb there’s reason to worry. Michael Jenkins… don’t sleep on what he did in Atlanta remember he has always been a consistent target and the only reason he got less looks is because Roddy White was faster… but check they’re 40 times… Michael Jenkins and Sid Rice are the exact same speed… Michael Jenkins is taller and fights for the ball just as hard… while they’re may be a loss at the jump ball area… might… and I say might because I haven’t seen Jenkins leap for the ball yet… nothing else is lost in that area… Percy is a number 2 on anyone’s team… and the only reason he falls to number is because he’s not 6’4″ because if he was he’d be a number 1 on everyone’s team…….. a number 4…. behind who Malcom Floyd and Antoine Gates….. not happening… Vincent Jackson yeah I can see that…. it’d make sense…. the other two… not so much… he’s more versatile and a bigger threat than the both of them. But you did miss understand where I was going with the Chicago comparison. Rivers is a FAR FAR FAR better QB than Jay Cutler…. I would never disrespect Rivers…. his talent or his career by putting Jay Cutler on that level Rivers is an Elite QB Jay Culter is not…. but in Chicago they use timing routes… the ball comes out fast and if our players aren’t in place we’ll get beat…. so yes our team is prepared for those kind of passing attacks… and with Green Bay… not only do they have a Elite QB they have GREAT receivers and they spread them all out… so if you have to face teams like this twice a year… you become well prepare for passing attacks from anyone. I’m not saying the Chargers are some Garbage… you’ll never hear me say anything of that magnitude… I just hate when I read things writing us off after a single bad season… everyone forgets that we won our division before Brett came in and put the team in disarray… a better coaching staff and more talent… while that doesn’t guarantee a win… it guarantees it won’t be a easy win for either team

  • epadaon

    @follOtheLeader I’m enjoying this little debate. I don’t mean any disrespect to your Vikings, as this game will not be easy. The toughest part of this game will be dealing with Peterson and all the problems he presents. He does open up the passing attack and especially the play action.

    Ok. Percy may be better than Malcom Floyd, but there is no way that he is better than ANTONIO Gates. Gates is one of the premiere players in the league.

  • follOtheLeader

    @epadaon Not better than Gates… More versatile… he has enough speed to get separation in a go route… he’s a great slot receiver and when he carries the ball like a HB he gets those tough yards and breaks tackles… not to mention the special teams aspect of things… this is one of the better debates that I’ve had though… Gates is on my fantasy team so he’s another person I think highly of

  • epadaon

    @follOtheLeader so… your pass defense is better than i gave credit for. much better actually!

    I was right about that passing attack though. At least in this game. 28 passing yards!?!!? OUCH!