Saturday Rant on the Bolt Defense

I am sitting out in Tucson right now and wondering how all these Chargers fans live out here. It’s hot, my AC in the car is broke and all I have is my phone to post up information. Leaving this town during the late late night to get back to the awesomeness of San Diego by game time.

Anyway, it sounds like we have had a productive trip over in Dallas and the coaches are learning more and more about the guys on the roster. Tomorrow will be big for the Darryl Gambles and the Bryan Walters of the roster.

The secondary has been getting lots of props out there for their physical nature. Bob Sanders must be making his presence felt with the guys. Quentin Jammer is already a big hitter on the team. Why hasn’t he gotten the nickname of The Hammer yet? The Hammer Jammer!!! I like it! Marcus Gilchrist is getting a lot of hype also. I’m excited to see this secondary lay some receivers out!

I know we were rated number 1 defense last year, but they still have a lot to proove. The linebackers need to stop the run and be physical and the outside guys need to chase those quarterbacks around.

Hope this defense just lays the lumber on some people!! This season just needs to start already!

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  • PaulMaland

    Next time you make it to AZ let me know and you can come up to Phoenix and meet up!

  • epadaon

    @PaulMaland I most definitely will… is that where you are staying now?

  • Awesomeness Reminders

    I’m looking forward to football season. Does the Spanos family still have a controlling interest in the Chargers?

  • Awesomeness Reminders

    I’m looking forward to football season. Does the Spanos family still have a controlling interest in the Chargers?

  • PaulMaland

    @epadaon Yup in the city of Gilbert. (South-East Phoenix)

  • jfedwards333

    I think this matchup is going to be key–we will learn a lot after two days of practicing against each other.

  • 1961 Fan

    Number one on Defense and Number one on Offense and not make the playoffs!

    Who has not stepped up to perform like a real number one team? Or like they say

    Number One on paper, they fold when it comes time to finish. The three offenders

    going from bottom to top are Norv Turner, nice guy but not head coach caliber.

    A. J. Smith a failure as a GM who blames everyone but himself. The big kahuna

    Dean Spanos for allowing Smith to dumb him down and fire the best coach (Marty)

    they had since Bobby Ross took them to the Super Bowl in ’94.

    Smith draft choices; Matthews – a bust. Larry English – a bust, both number ones

    just refer to my comments on number ones. The biggest screw up for a GM is draft a kid who would never play a down (Demetrius Byrd) who crashed his car two weeks before the

    draft and was on the DL before they wasted a draft pick on him. Watching the three

    idiots, Turner, Smith and Spanos is like a bad dream called Harlan Savare. If you

    know Chargers history you know what I mean.

    Talk to me after the Super Bowl, lets see where the Lombardi Trophy is sitting.

    1961 Fan

  • epadaon

    @Awesomeness Reminders yes they do

  • epadaon

    @PaulMaland im going to have to hit you up next time i roll around that direction. you know staff writer greg is from out phoenix also

  • Awesomeness Reminders

    @epadaon thanks

  • epadaon

    @1961 Fan thats really quick to judge on those first round draft picks… give it a little longer before you can call them a BUST. i know they have not performed to the level we would like, but a bust already in their 3rd and 2nd year is a little harsh.

    for last years defense, we were ranked number 1 sure.. but it sure didnt feel like number 1. the raiders ran the ball down our throats and we watched the st louis rams do the same thing. then we get to cincinatti and make our secondary look like fools. A lot of that number 1 defense had to do with the field position we gave the opponents