Chargers vs Cowboys practice footage!

From the looks of it, these practices seem to be pretty well organized and it is good to see how our guys are sizing up. This video includes highlight grabs from Vincent Jackson, Laurent Robinson, a screen pass to Rookie stud Jordan Todman (who trucks the heck out of Cowboys Rookie CB Mario Butler) , Ryan Mathews blasting through the line, and Larry English OWNING on a Dallas linemen. Guess who that linemen is! DOUG FREE, the STARTING Left Tackle for Dallas with 5 seasons experience. What are your thoughts on this topic of Chargers/Cowboys practices?

  • PaulMaland

    Not going to lie, even though it is only one play on practice film it is GREAT to see Larry English finally doing something! Let’s just pray he stays healthy and can translate practice effort into game production!

  • jfedwards333

    I agree, English could be a surprise. So could Corey “Too Legit to Quit” since he’s getting a little more PT with Cesaire still gimpy. Good article about Chargers ready for Cowboys here: