Really Eli?!?! Elite Status? Really?

We mostly talk about Chargers football, but sometimes we go astray just to talk trash about the Oakland Raiders or Eli Manning. The Raiders get dismissed from this conversation and we will focus our evil eyes towards the stupidity of Eli Manning.

If you have not heard the story on Eli yet, he just claimed that he belongs in the elite class of quarterbacks of the league. He should be mentioned with the names of Tom Brady and brother Peyton.

What a JOKE!! Eli might be failing the drug test this season because he must be smoking some good stuff!

I know he has a championship ring on his finger, but he can thank the Giants defense for that. He can also thank David Tyree‘s helmet for giving him a little extra love on that play! To claim that he is one of the elite QBs in the league is just hilarious though.

He is not even the best in his draft class with Ben Roethlisberger and Philip Rivers above him.  Not the best in his division with Michael Vick and even Tony Romo getting higher marks than him. Someone please wake Eli up! PLEASE!

I can’t wait for Philip to get that championship ring so that he can actually be mentioned among the elites! If Philip is questionable for the elite status, then Eli shouldn’t even be part of this conversation.

Where would you even rank Eli in the league for QBs?

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  • MarkGarvin

    I’m afraid his ego is damaged from being Peyton’s brother. In fact, you might not even know who he is except for his brother – and his brother only has one ring too! He has the “me too” syndrome. I am sooo glad he is not a San Diego Charger! Ranking? Maybe 15th…

  • BaByBuFfAlObUsH

    @chargersbuzztap lol eli an elite??? What a joke!!!

  • epadaon

    @BaByBuFfAlObUsH i know right… its just funny how great he thinks he is!

  • epadaon

    @MarkGarvin that is funny… without even thinking of who is in the league, the first number that comes to my head is 15th also!

  • BaByBuFfAlObUsH

    @epadaon naaa ur right tolbers dougie is bad ass

  • EdgarHerrera

    #1 Brady

    2 P. Manning

    3 Rivers

    3 Rodgers

    5 Brees

    6 Big Ben

    7 Vick

    8 Ryan

    9 Romo

    10 Freeman

    11 finally Eli

    Eli IMO isnt even close to elite the guy’s accuracy is mediocre, he always makes mistakes and turns the ball over too many times.

  • epadaon

    @EdgarHerrera i hate eli so much that i would find ways to sneak some other players above him. Jay Cutler is better.. hahaha. OK that is over the line!

    maybe matt cassell is better AND i hate matt cassell and think he sucks! donovan mcnabb is better. retired favre better. mark stupid sanchez BETTER. I despise all these quarterbacks but i would rather have them all lead my team over dumb eli!

  • SergioMQuintero

    @epadaon asking the wrong fan base for respect and love, guess what Eli you did throw 25 Int’s, you are what your numbers say you are.

  • epadaon

    @SergioMQuintero he just finds ways to get us bolt fans all mad all the time!!

  • SergioMQuintero

    @epadaon I know the total QB rating is crap, case in point Eli is rated higher than Philip, I can’t rap my brain around that one. 25 Ints!!

  • epadaon

    @SergioMQuintero dang… didnt even know that he had a higher qb rating… that is just awful!

  • SergioMQuintero

    @epadaon It’s not on the classic QB rating, its on ESPN’s new weird Total QB rating they just came out with.

  • epadaon

    @SergioMQuintero oh yea… that thing is screwy. we can watch qbs and know which one is better. dont need the stats to mislead us!

  • Philly Napps

    @epadaon @EdgarHerrera please just shut up you clearly have no idea what your talking about eli is 10th behind brady manning rodgers brees big ben rivers romo ryan vick in that order. he is most certainly better than cassel Mcnabb and sanchez lol that is a funny joke

  • Philly Napps

    rivers will not win a title once a choker always a choker that never changes.Every team thats won a superbowl has had a good defense you moron. And its funny that you conviently left out the part where eli broke the sack which started that whole play with tyree. eli is the 10th best qb in this leauge and 4 of them can kiss elis ring including your boy rivers along with romo ryan and vick

  • epadaon

    @Philly Napps 10th best for number 10! congrats… still doesnt sound elite to me

  • M0ney0nBway

    guess Eli is proving you retarded haters a thing or two this season!! HAHAHAHA GOOO G-MEN.. rivers sucks big time. he isn’t no where near as good as Eli is this year. in fact the only two QBs who can even attempt to say they are having a better year is aaron rodgers and tom brady. and brady has more ints than ELIte Manning.