My Name Is Jonas: Mouton Signs Rookie Deal

The Chargers signed their second round draft pick Jonas Mouton to his rookie deal:

Mouton got $3.26 million, $1.5 guaranteed. Four years … Look for draft pick dominoes to really start falling.less than a minute ago via OpenBeak Favorite Retweet Reply

Time to get the rest of the rooks signed and brought into training camp.

Every time I hear Jonas Mouton’s name I think of the Weezer song – My Name is Jonas:

  • epadaon

    @Da_Great_Gonzo does this surprise you? always!!!

  • Da_Great_Gonzo

    @epadaon Could you BE any cheesier? Might start calling you chedda :)

  • Cheech619

    @Da_Great_Gonzo << Dudes been on Cheese All Day.. Lol.. Gotta Agree on that One Tho. @epadaon

  • epadaon

    @Cheech619 wait… who is on cheese? me or @Da_Great_Gonzo?? so confused. #probablyBothOfUs