Philip Loves to Talk Smack! Raider Shares Thoughts on Chargers QB

Philip Rivers LOVES to chatter out on the field. All the Bolts fans know this, and the opposition HATES it. Here are some quotes from former Raiders Defensive End Jay Richardson from EYES Radio Network:

I’m not a big Philip Rivers fan, because I think he’s kind of a cocky dude and I’ve had a chance to sack him before and hit him as hard as I can. I’ll do so again if I get another opportunity. But, nothing personal against Philip Rivers. I think he’s still a heck of a quarterback.

I will take a special pleasure in hitting him because he likes to talk during games a little bit. Anybody who has ever watched an NFL game where he’s mic’d up and he’s in it he talks a little big. But you like guys who are talkers. I’m a talker, so that’s okay.

And here are his thoughts on if he had heard Philip cuss:

I didn’t write anything down that he was saying during games . . . all I can say is he talks. Now me, personally? Do I think he’s cussed before? Heck yeah. If you ask my opinion I’d have to think a dirty word has slipped out . . . but I can’t say I’ve ever heard him cuss.

Talking some mess can bring the BEST out of some players and it can throw some players off of their game. As a quarterback, it is going to motivate the other team to hit Philip HARDER when they get past the line. There may even be a few more cheap shots coming his way.

What do you guys think of Philip’s chatter? Since he is on OUR team, I LOVE IT! If he was on the Raiders, Broncos, or Chiefs, he would be one of my worst enemies and I would want my defensive lineman to inflict pain! I hope Philip keeps talking that noise and backs it up with a championship and then the yapping will be even more annoying for the opposition!

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  • Cheech

    Why Should Rivers stop. I think most these players that have a problem with Rivers are the Ones whom he has dominated. Plus no teammate has ever come forward and said Rivers has Used Foul Language. I think his Game hurts you the most not what come out of his mouth. Is this was truly the Case everyone would hate most of the Jets Players. Edwards.. Cromartie.. Revis.. & you wanna include Phillip Rivers. I think teams should worry about our D-Line Men. Go Bolts

  • aaron

    Rivers is an idiot!! im a charger fan and even i say: 1. he is not that great of a qb and 2.he runs is mouth way to much. Not only does he run his mouth to people on the field but he runs his mouth to fans to. i remember seeing a game against the raiders and against the jags where he was talking shit to the fans. When i saw that i remmber thinking this guy is a punk! he is talking shit to people who 1. cant do anything to him (which he knows thats why he does it) and 2.people who could probably beat his ass. I know im tired as a charger fan watching games where is get sacked and he gets up and whines for like an hour or he messes up on a pass and then he get mad at his team mates.


    • Bo Jack Russo

      PR is a badass. He can talk all he wants. I love it too.

    • Walter

      Except for the fact that you’re NOT a Charger fan, just a random idiot that thinks claiming to be a Charger fan will give his ramblings more credibility.

  • jumpd1

    LOVE IT!! He talks the talk, but he also walks the walk.

  • Russell

    Let’s think about the source: Here’s a guy whose team has finally performed a 2 game sweep of the Chargers for the first time since Clinton was in office. And he remembers that PR runs smack. Rivers for his part almost ran over Marino’s single season record using everyone but the Charger Girls and the old guy who sells beer in the pass pattern. Damn right he can talk smack!

    What we need is for the O-line to get just as amped up and pancake Mr. Richardson for running that on the radio. This clip should be played over and over again before the Raider game so they know to crush this fool early. And talk MORE smack!

  • Morgan B

    The Raiders are “obviously” the class of the division … perhaps they need to be preparing instead of talking about how P Riv will own their monkey asses up and down the field.

  • The Truth

    @ Russell: Actually, the Raiders swept the Chargers in
    2001, when George W. Bush was in office. Clinton was president the last (and only) time San Diego played in a Super Bowl back in 1994.
    Looks like someone needs to work on their trash-talking a little bit!

  • raisin212k

    You’re not fooling anyone. You’re not a Chargers fan. Any Chargers fan would LOVE PR talking smack to Raiders fans. They’re the joke of the NFL. Keep your two cents in your pocket where it belongs, Raidertroll.

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