Chargers Public Enemy #3 – Any Oakland Raider

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We are now down to the top 3 of our Public Enemy List and ranking in at number 3 we have ANYONE associated with the Silver and Black.

This Chargers Public Enemy List will include the top 10 players or coaches that Chargers fans despise. These will be players or coaches that are currently in the league and we are currently are at number 3:

The Oakland Raiders are the team that we hate the most as BOLTS fans. We can’t stand any of their players, coaches, or fans! Anyone associated with the silver and black is an enemy in our eyes! If our boy Philip Rivers jumped ship to the Raiders, we would call him a traitor and call him a crybaby (like other fans call him).

Lets start out with the fans: These are some of the freakiest looking people walking the planet on game day. It’s like Halloween at the stadium with skeletons, black face paint and evil looking stuff. And all they want to talk about is the Championships they won in 1920 (I may be off on the year). And now that they have won the last 2 games against us, they won’t shut up about that either. It was so much quieter when we had won 13 straight against them.

Then we get to the players: Richard Seymour is a beast and we hate him because he is good and beats up on our offensive line every game. As Bolts fans, we see that team with “Raider goggles” and only see dirty plays all game long! We think that everyone on that team is garbage and are a bunch of thugs. We will always be associate the team with gang banging and criminal activity and this will NEVER change.

Maybe there is one person associated with the Silver and Black that we are beginning to like…. Owner Al Davis. As long as he is running the team, then we know that Raiders will continue to be terrible. Thank you Al Davis for your commitment to SUCKING!

So Silver and Black, you get the number 3 spot on our Public Enemy List!

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Stay tuned on BB to see the rest of the countdown.

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  • Chris

    Commitment to sucking? However old they are, the three Lombardi’s the Raiders have are three more than San Diego. But what about recent history? Well, in most recent history, the Raiders swept the Chargers last season. Raiders>Chargers. Always and forever.

    • Ernie Padaon

      recent history shows that you guys have lost 13 of the last 15 games. I like those odds

  • RaideRrRrRrRr

    this article is terrible. find a new day job

    • Ernie Padaon

      thanks for reading?

  • Eric Steitz

    Charger fans are always going to be jealous of Raider fans passion and loyalty. 8 years of horrible football and Raider Nation is still heard loud and clear.

    While the Chargers have been better in recent years there is absolutely no arguing over which is the more storied franchise. Even with 13 straight wins against Oakland the Raiders still hold the all-time record over San Diego at 56-44-2. And of course everyone knows how to count, and I’m pretty sure 3 is more than 0.

    You guys can start talking smack about Oakland and the most loyal fan base in all of sports when San Diego wins 3 Super Bowls.

    • Ernie Padaon

      we can talk all that OLD history you want.. but how many wins do you have in the recent history… in the last 10 years? is that a good amount of time to check?

      Bolts have 93 wins compared to your 58!

      • Eric Steitz

        How many of those 93 are Super Bowl wins? None. Apparently all the Charger fans care about it getting to the playoffs.

  • killacamron

    Jealous of what, you raiders fans are the ones on our site. You seem to be checking on what were doing all the time. Seems to me you are jealous and worried about the whopping your going to get this year.

    • Eric Steitz

      Don’t flatter yourself.

      I go to google news and search the Raiders every day and this was the first thing that showed up.

  • Panty Raider

    Always Smart to keep an eye on what the enemy is doing.
    You pose no threat though, just fun to hear the chokers
    You put a lot of passion into your hate of the Raiders.
    I like that, I can respect that.. I posted this article
    where a couple of Raider Players tweet, should be nice fuel to keep them fired up..
    The best comment of the Day for 13 years, the Raiders have been on a struggle. Rebuilding the greatest franchise in football takes time. AL’s determination is paying off.
    Hands down the smartest Coaching Staff in the NFL. Recent draft pics are Student Atheletes. Add to what we already bring to the Table.. AFCWEst, and the NFL are on Notice.
    For all the Hate and Jokes poked at AL Davis, He’s the only owner paying his coaches 100%, and the front office has devised a plan to keep the rest Paid in Full. The Craziest place in the world to work, has become the place to BE!!! You see the bully coming down the street in your hood, that’s why you wrote this. You scared, and you should be..

    • Ernie Padaon

      the raiders are definitely getting better. i can admit that. I still think the move at head coach doesnt make sense though.

      you went 6-0 in the division and the head coach gets fired?

  • Silver&Blackness

    Raiders fans cry about their own team issues. Charger Fans Fans cry about everything..

    • Ernie Padaon

      is it wrong that i actually laughed at this? probably cuz it is partly true…

      i mean we do blame the rain on some of our losses! The rain deserved the blame though!

  • I am a Charger Idiot

    and even I know our best years are behind us!