Why I added a 'Chargers Hater' as a Staff Writer

First off, I can be a little crazy! SO… I invited a ‘Chargers Hater’ to join the staff at BB . WAIT, before you go crazy, let me explain (then you can bite my head off).

We have added a handful of writers to the staff recently and they all have great perspectives and are HUGE Bolts fans. At BB, we will always be looking to give you the best info on the Bolts and adding an “outside perspective” to the staff will give us all another vantage point of our team. That vantage point won’t always be good, BUT it is another view.

I have always been Mr. Positive on the site and now we have added someone that is the complete opposite of me. This should spark some debate and good discussions amongst us all. The guy knows his football and he knows a lot about the Bolts, it’s just another perspective that a die-hard Bolts fan cannot provide.

With that said, welcome Randy E. Ball to the site and let’s TRY to have peaceful debates and discussions with the new member of the crew. He knows that he is playing the VILLAIN on the BB team and he is ready for the challenge. His first post will be released today at the lunch hour for you all to check out.

Oh yea, (a part I didn’t want to mention) he is a Patriot’s fan. I love you all, BYE!

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  • Swift

    I had to read that again. Good points…I hope his first post isn’t a hello letter that way we can put him on blast. Another good point you forgot to mention…we have an advantage over him…6 writers+fans vs. 1 writer. LOL :D

    Either way, welcome, but I’m sure we could go to their message boards to find out what they think. ;)

  • thegregone

    As long as he’s not repping for the Raiders, I will give him a chance!