VOTE: Chargers on HBO's Hard Knocks?

In a report yesterday let football fans know that the team in which was offered the “Hard Knocks” show on HBO, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have officially declined the offer! They also reported 5 teams that would be good fits for the show. The teams listed included the Chargers, Colts, 49ers, Bills, and Raiders. So would you like to see San Diego on the show this coming season? VOTE NOW!

In 2009, the show was based with the Cincinnati Bengals and resulted with them sweeping their division and being 10-6 going into the playoffs at the head of the AFC North. (One of the games in which they lost might I add was to the Chargers at Qualcomm in week 15) In 2010 the show moved to the New York Jets. What did they do after the show came to them? They made their strongest run in years and were 1 game shy of playing in this past seasons Super Bowl! I don’t know whether the show just brings the team that much closer together and unifies them, or if guys are trying harder in camp to impress via television audience, but whatever it is it’s working!

So here is the question.

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

  • @gpettooh

    I am in the 20% range, im way to supersticious..that being said, if it happened..IM WATCHING!

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  • Cory

    AJ would never allow it.

  • Chet

    In a strike-shortened preseason, possibly even shortened season, this ain’t gonna happen. Also agree that AJ would have nothing of it. I’d watch for sure, but doubt it will happen.

  • Charger Greg

    This would be so cool =)

  • Robert cruit

    I agree with everyone’s thought on “Hard Knocks” but like all have said AJ wouldn’t let it happen because of the shorten season so far..

  • Swift

    I would be ok with it, if it were only broadcasted to Chargers fans. :D :D

  • Charlee

    Since I don’t get HBO, what is the Hard Knocks Show?

    • Swift

      it’s the show where they show a football teams training camp…on the field and in the locker room. Very much up close and personal.

    • Ernie Padaon

      It’s just a show that follows a team around during training camp and catches all the drama and any action going on around the team. They do a great job of filming it

  • Chris_SDrodbuster

    If anyone hasn’t noticed any team that participated in
    Hard Knocks has had a Hard Knock Ending to the season