When did 'San Diego Chargers' become an adjective?

C is for Crappy Chiefs, D is for Denver Donkeys, R is for ...

San Diego Chargers adjective

1. Used to describe a team/individual that has great success during the regular season, but when the playoffs comes around… CHOKE!

Used in a sentence:

  • The San Jose Sharks are the San Diego Chargers of the NHL
  • The Dallas Mavericks are the San Diego Chargers of the NBA
  • We really need to change this perception by winning a championship! We have had great teams and great opportunities, but every season has come to a harsh crash. We have been known as a team with all the talent in the world, but could not bring in that championship.

    WHEN this lockout is over, the Chargers will have put together another team that should be competing for a championship. We will have Philip Rivers running the show and he will have a ton of offensive weapons to throw it out to. The defense will have a fresh attitude and will have some added toughness.

    This will be the year that we change the perception of the San Diego Chargers. We will be comparing Super Bowl victories amongst the best, instead of comparing playoff failures with the Bills.

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    • http://b/r Rich Rankin

      This is the year we kick the door down !! Our offense is virtually unstopable !! We had a great defensive draft !! This is our year !!!

      • http://none Richard von Recla

        Rich,please dont get your hopes up AGAIN. Its not going to happen! They are spoiled and lazy. I hate to say this I mean HATE it but the silver and black will finally catch up and win the AFC west. SD had their chance in 06 and failed. Norv is a great O.C but not enough balls to be head coach.The door will remain closed and you may think I am a asshole for picking the arch enemy but reality is sometimes hard to deal with. Don’t bet on SD its a waste of time.’

    • http://no Richard von Recla

      Now I have been a Charger fan for 40+ years and know one thing. Being born and raised in SD I know there are more things to do than watch football. I am a FANATIC so dont get it wrong when I say the reason SD will never get a ring is because of the fans. Fair weather climate = fair weather fans. It isn’t like some ghetto town like Shitsburg or backward arse Texas armpit where there is NOTHING but fat girls and football. Green bay? Who in the hell would ever even visit such a place yet LIVE THERE? They have NOTHING IN THEIR LIVES besidrs football! Blame it on the most beautiful city in THE WORLD not some spoiled football underachievers!

      • bolt backer

        Seriously?!?!? Oakland?!?!? They just fired their coach after winning all their division games. That was a backwards move

    • foutsrules

      Oakland just changed their coaching staff, so it’s going to take them 1/2 a season to get everyone on the same page. Therefore there will be no AFC west title for them. I’m not saying the Chargers will win the SB but the AFC west title is pretty much a shoe in. Your not an asshole just a misinformed dumb ass who speaks before they research all the facts. Next time you want to submit your opinion make sure that it is an intelligent one.

    • foutsrules

      I Live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and have been a Bolts fan since 1979. So like you Von Recla, I have seen the 1 – 15 season the 14 – 2 season, the great years of Air Coryell and the bad years of to many lame ass coaches to remember. To blame the fans is a true cop out, it’s asinine. The fans don’t perform on the field, or call the plays or run training camp or even draft and sign players. The only thing the fans do is support their team and become the 12th man in the stadium for home games. I will give you examples of teams that have had great success with no fan base at all. The Tampa Bay Rays have won the toughest division in baseball 2 of the last 4 years. The Florida Marlins have 2 World Series titles. Both the Tampa Bay Lightning and Carolina Hurricanes have Stanley Cups. All of the teams I have listed above have been successful with little or no fan base. The Chargers have had a championship talent base in place for the better part of 1/2 a decade and for whatever reason, be it Shottenheimer’s lack of balls in the playoffs or Turner’s lack of player preparation to start the regular season and then again in the playoffs. Also the odd injury has also thrown a wrench into the works come playoff time as well. In my mind it all come down to coaching. If Turner had the boys prepared for every game like Shottenheimer did and if Shottenheimer had Turners offensive play calling we would have at least 1 SB by now maybe even 2 or 3. So for me it all come down to the coaching not the fans. If Turner fails again this year, for Smith’s last stand he should fire Turner and hire Gruden before our time is up and we have to rebuild. In my house, through good times and bad, through lean years and strong years, it will always be GO BOLTS GO!