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Titans Part with Jeff Fisher, What Are They Thinking?


Coach Jeff Fisher

The Tennessee Titans and Head Coach Jeff Fisher “parted ways” yesterday.

During any football season, one of the teams that I did not like seeing on the schedule is the Titans, because I know that the game would be a grind and that our team would be hurting after the game. The Titans were known as a dirty team, but it was Jeff Fisher football. A Tough, play to the whistle, grimey brand of football.

The San Diego Chargers and the Titans have had some epic battles while Fisher was the coach and there were many times when are star players were not walking off the field on their own two feet.

Antonio Gates had his foot injury against the Titans last season and Shawne Merriman might have to thank the Titans for ending his career. After “Lights Out” was hit with a cheap shot from the Titans, he has not played the same (might have to deal with steroids also).

Jeff Fisher gets his team to play ALL OUT on every single play and is a good head coach. Fisher gets fired and the San Diego Chargers has Norv Turner running the show? I guess some things are just not meant to be understood!

After this coming season, there will be some awesome prospects in the head coaching market. Former Super Bowl winners Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden are just waiting for a perfect opportunity and now Coach Fisher joins them.

If the Chargers have another season end with less than spectacular results, than we better start looking at some of those candidates to come to Los Angeles San Diego. The 2011 season has not even started and Coach Norv Turner’s seat just got a little hotter.

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  • lawre

    Ok Jeff Fisher was the best coach the oilers the titans ever had or will have Im been a Fan for a long time.Now Bud Adams People in houston talk alot trash about you and I stood up for you but now you can eat worms Sir. You better find a coach that can fill Fishers shoes. Good luck with that. go titans

    • Ernie Padaon

      i hated playing against your team but it was all out of respect for the type of football you guys played!! good luck on finding the guy to replace him.

      fans here have been calling for marty ever since he was let go, and some people still have not given that up. I am sure you will get that same type of feedback out there.

  • bryanblack06

    Fisher matter of factly ruled out the possibility of trading Sam Bradford. Duh. Fisher and his coaching staff have been pretty clear on what they think of Bradford’s potential, and Fisher himself said the quarterbacks’ presence was a deciding factor in taking the job in St. Louis.