LA Wants a Team to Commit: "It is not going to be the San Diego Chargers"

I'm not sure if its just me, but when I see this I want to PUNT it

Philip Anschutz announced a plan for a new NFL stadium in downtown Los Angeles this week with the caveat that an NFL team must commit to move to Los Angeles by the end of March 2011.

It is not going to be the San Diego Chargers – team lawyer Mark Fabiani

Could Fabiani be lying about the situation? MAYBE… but at least this gives me some temporary relief. Especially with it coupled with the news that the Spanos family is no longer seeking a buyer for the team. It also could mean that we don’t commit till after March 2011, BUT I will just keep my optimism for now.

San Diego still needs to build a stadium and there are a lot of hurdles that need to be cleared with that. We can all get pissed at AEG, Los Angeles, and Dean Spanos or whoever, but the city of San Diego needs to step up to keep this team!

Here are some quotes that I would LOVE to hear sometime very soon:

  • “AEG would like to announce the the NFL will be in Los Angeles and we would like to welcome the Raiders and the Rams to Los Angeles.” Insert Vikings, Jaguars, OR any other team not named the San Diego Chargers into that sentence.
  • “San Diego has been approved to build a new NFL stadium for the San Diego Chargers and we are starting the building, completion is expected in -insert date here-”

  • Let’s keep hoping San Diego clears hurdles to build a new stadium and that another team moves to Los Angeles.

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    • Joey

      I hope the Charger’s stay in San Diego too. I am from the area and really can’t stand them since I am a Raider fan. I just don’t think the rivilary would sound good: Oakland Raiders vs. Los Angeles Chargers??? Just looses it luster….what do you think Choker fans?

      • Ernie Padaon

        definitely… that rivalry just does not sound right at all!! san diego and los angeles are enemies when it comes to the sports world!

        • Joey

          I hear what you are saying…I’m from the LA area and I hate the Padres (but not as much as the Giants…no disrespect) and the Chokers…seeing those baby blue uniforms in LA would make me sick! Man I still even hate the Clippers.. LOL..

      • Greg

        Joey, You must be feeling dizzy after your Raiders won two games this year. That followed 6 years, 12 games of Raider “choker” games. I too love the rivalry as it is. Cheers!

      • Roger

        Once upon a time (1960) there were LA Chargers/Oakland Raiders games. If the Chargers do move to LA (I hope not) – change the name, colors, everything – and start over


        DIEHARD member of the RAIDER NATION here. As for my self I want nothing more then for YOUR “chokers” to stay here in San Diego….I LOVE when my NATION comes to town every yr. No matter my circumstance I know that I will at least be able to attend this one RAIDER game each year…So I will vote for you to stay, I will attend any rally (in full SILVER AND BLACK attire) that demands this city do something to keep your team here….Keep the rivalry alive….RAIDER ON…!!

      • Mark

        I agree Faider fan. It wouldn’t have the same luster

      • http://Google bolterguy

        You’re right It does loose its luster and Los Angeles is way to dirty and crime ridden for a class A team like the San Diego Chargers! Just say each cities name out loud SAN DIEGO, los angeles. One is CLEAN and FRESH as you say the name the other is dirty and actually kind of boring to say.

    • schlaarp

      man i hope this means the chargers arnt going to L.A. I think we as fans being as patient as we have been with the chargers 50 yrs and never winning a super bowl is not something a lot of cities could deal with. I think we deserve a team and that isn the chargers.

      • Ernie Padaon

        seriously… San Diego just cant get a championship and we still love these teams… we really should be talking about the Clippers south, they fit the mold of team that we have down here.

        but, really… AEG and the NFL should take a look at the Jags or something. They struggle to get attendance there all the time!

        • Joey

          I would just rather have the Rams back! But they have to change those awful uniforms back to the orignals though!

          • Ernie Padaon

            YESSS!!! love that ol school ram uni!

            • Joey

              Heck yeah!! Bring’em back!!

    • Bob

      Los Angeles 49ers.

      Book it.

      • Ernie Padaon


        just a team comes out of nowhere and steals it!!! all the california teams are being mentioned for this thing. they all might as well move there!

        • Bob

          No. The Raiders and Chargers have a ton of history, and most importantly, recent history. The Chargers are perennial contenders and the Raiders are on the cusp.

          The 49ers will continue to wallow in mediocrity. Thus, their fanbase is not as dedicated as the Raiders and Chargers.

          Los Angeles 49ers.

          • Joey

            Good prediction, but I think they get their new stadium in San Jose and the Raiders follow. If that is the case for the Raiders, then they should just ove back to LA if the are going to leave Oakland.

            I think the sleeper here is the Vikings. Though I see this hard to imagine, it makes some sense…..Metrodome is garbage and is going to cost a grip to repair, MN citizens don’t want to pay for another stadium and do the Vikings…a franchise with history, want to play in a college stadium…..I don’t see it happening…..So, personally I would put them in front of the 9′ers..

            • Ernie Padaon

              plus minnesota has a history of losing teams to LA.. the vikes already sport the purple too… it just makes sense!

            • Ben

              Just because the Lakers moved there half a century ago does not mean Minnesota “has history” of losing teams to LA. I think it would be terrible to rip apart rivalries with the NFC North to put a team in LA. Take a damn California team – You have enough of them. Leave the midwest alone

            • Ben

              plus- stealing the Vikings would not keep the Chargers. If you don’t build a new stadium (and let’s face it, you are no closer to a new building than the Vikings) the Chargers are as good as gone. If Minnesota loses their team, they might do a full court press to steal your Chargers. Might as well root for your team to stay within viewing distance.

    • Norv Turner

      Got a call from LT on Monday. He said, “Thanks for dumping me. Now I play for a real team, with real talent, that has a real quaterback, that has a real chance to go to the superbowl.”

      • Ernie Padaon

        hey norv,

        thanks for letting us know. after sunday, he will be doing the same thing we are doing… waiting till next season.

        maybe if LT would do something other than get injured in the playoffs for us, then we could have made it a little further.

        • Norv Turner

          Maybe if our O line didn’t suck so bad, he would have had a hole to run through instead of a collapsing crack.

    • thumper

      If San Diego can’t use redevelopment funds to build the Chargers are new stadium where will the money come from? Remember that this is all about money to the NFL owners. There is no room city loyalty and all that touchy feely stuff.

    • Albert Perez

      L.A. CHARGERS!! We will trade for the clippers! I hope they move up so they could finally win a superbowl. Also, we wont have to drive as far.

    • Russell

      As a person who grew up in L.A. I would never EVER want to see the Chargers in Los Angeles, especially with your current owner package. The Spanos Clan would make Donald Sterling’s crew look like world beaters. And a season of Norv Ball would have people running for the beach by week 8. I’d rather bring in a team like Jacksonville that’s green hungry and wanted to prove itself

      • Ernie Padaon

        crazy how i have ran across so many people from LA that would rather have a different franchise come to their town.

        los angeles and san diego are just meant to be rivals!

    • La Playa Heritage

      Hi All, Please see our proposal for a new NFL Chargers stadium on the waterfront in downtown San Diego, which will be built as part of the Convention Center Expansion.