Dear Vincent Jackson (My Apology Letter)

Dec 16, 2010; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers receiver Vincent Jackson (83) celebrates with tight end Chris Wilson (88) after catching a 58-yard touchdown pass in the first quarter as San Francsico 49ers linebacker Manny Lawson (99) and safety Reggie Smith (30) look on at Qualcomm Stadium. The Chargers defeated the 49ers 34-7. Photo via Newscom


Dear Vincent Jackson,

I am SORRY!!! I am sorry that I thought that you faked your injury. Sorry that I thought you were screwing over AJ Smith by sitting out on the sideline with this “calf injury”. I am sorry that I thought so poorly of your character, thinking that you would do something so dirty (like Shawne Merriman) and just sit out the rest of the year.

After the last 2 weeks, you proved to me that you want to come out and perform at your Pro Bowl level. Proved that you want to win back the fans, flex those muscles and show off those guns. You made the rest of the league remember the game changing talent you possess.

There are still a few questions I do have for you though. Like, are you doing this for the Chargers or are you doing this for yourself? I think there might be a little selfishness in this for you. You can prove to the rest of the league that you are still a Pro Bowl talent and making sure that nobody forgets you. You want that money and you need to perform in order to get it. Either way, I guess it is good for the Chargers.

But, if you were all about the Chargers, why did you wait till the absolute last minute to join the team? You couldn’t have just come back a week or 2 earlier like Logan Mankins did with the Patriots? It would have been nice to have you a little bit earlier in the season.

Anyway, I was supposed to be apologizing. You are a superstar and a stud on the field, I hope that we get a full season with you next season. We loving seeing you in blue and gold and I am sure there are a few people out here that can be your designated driver out to Bar West in PB. Tear it up for the rest of the season and hopefully we see you in the playoffs.

Ernie Padaon

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  • Phil

    You’re too quick to forgive.
    Just because he tore it up vs SF doesn’t mean he didn’t fake an injury against Indy.
    Come on, the guy was on the field for 3 plays and then went to the sideline and took his pads off and was done. He didn’t even try to walk it off and he knew the Chargers were short on WRs.

  • flutiefan

    agree with ^^Phil.
    i think he saw/felt/heard the backlash against him after that “injury”, and he realized that if he wants to get paid as a top tier talent in the NFL, he has to actually get on the field and perform. he wasn’t gonna be able to skate by on past accomplishments like some others have done.

  • Ernie Padaon

    I might be way too forgiving. BUT I knew I would be forgiving if he did get back out onto the field. I thought he would sit out the rest of the season with that “injury”

    I still think he is a selfish jerk that doesn’t give a crap about the team and is only looking out for himself. His whole reason for the hold out was to get paid. His whole reason for coming back, IS TO GET PAID!

    Thats all that he wants.. if he slightly hurt his calf, then I wouldn’t doubt that he sits out the game. He doesn’t want to get hurt and risk his future.

    he is SELFISH and just wants that money. Since he did come back, I think the injury was legit. Still don’t think he would lay it all out on the line like Gates does or Rivers does. He could have a cramp and sit out.