Rumor: Nike 2012 ''Pro-Combat'' Chargers Uniform

Rumored Design for 2012 Chargers Jersey

UPDATE: Just to clarify, the artist renderings of NFL uniforms floating around ARE NOT from the league or Nike. - NFL PR

Here is the story from earlier in the Season:

Earlier this season, the NFL announced Nike will replace Reebok as the league’s uniform supplier in 2012 and I just found this as the rumored

A Nike official said changes are coming to NFL jerseys. Nike Brand President Charlie Denson told Darren Rovell of CNBC that the change would be similar to changes that Nike has made to college football jerseys.

“We plan on changing the NFL jersey dramatically just like we’ve done with the college programs, using new thinking and the greatest technology available,” Denson said. “The NFL program hasn’t had the same type of advancement in recent years. – Pro Football Talk

What do you guys think of the design? I think some of the other designs for the other teams look alright, BUT whats up with the yellow pants for us?

Just give me the powder blues and play in those every game!!! Is that too much to ask for? Not sure if I am digging it.

You can check out the other rumored designs here: The Landry Hat

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    I dont like em. My favorite part of the Charger jersey has always been the bolts on the shoulder. These take that pretty much all out. Although it looks like a pseudo bolt goin into the arm pit, it just isnt the same look as the should bolt. And the yellow pants are whack. I agree with the powder blue tho. No one can touch those jerseys. GO CHARGERS.

    • datdude

      This is the new jersey… L.A. Chargers! Hahaha bye SD!

  • Chris Graham

    i do not like them at all, u have the powder blue belt? Its not a fashion show nike, its football, and the helmet’s bolt being closer to the top middle of the helmet is weird.

  • Ernie Padaon

    i decided…. THESE LOOK LIKE BOOTY!!! powder blue belt? arm pit bolts?? yellow pants?? looks like trash!!

  • Tyler

    Ummm don’t like the chargers jerseys. One question, why does the player in the pic have a steroids abuser body (Big upper body and tiny skinny legs?)

    It’s like they gave up on making the uniform (and sample) from the waist down!

    • Ernie Padaon

      i think they used shawne merriman or steve gregory as the model :)

  • T-BONE

    This is the ugliest uniform I have seen ever. If Nike rolls out this abomination you can certainly bet jersey and paraphernalia sales will plumit.


  • Chris Graham

    I saw on the news last night that the jersey’s are not correct, they are just RUMOR, BUT, they do plan on changing the style. can we vote?

  • John B

    I hate these. Is the NFL now the Nike football league?

    • Ernie Padaon

      they look like trash… just happy the NFL said that they were FAKES!!! I am scared to think what NIKE might do to them… all they should do is just add the swoosh to it

  • Mike

    I hate these uniforms! Are they trying to make the chargers look like wussies? I don’t even like the current uniforms that much but these are going TOO far. This is rediculous. I don’t mean this to sound sexist but they look like uniforms that women would wear. I don’t want my team looking like girls. I want them to look tough and intimidating. Why don’t they just go back to their old uniforms. They looked “Nasty” and tough in them.

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  • AlexanderTreyWeatherspoon

    i like them….

  • JuanAEstreyer

    I do like ‘em for a High School or College team, they are modern and fun. For the NFL San Diego Chargers, no way, they would be the laughing stock, fortunally it’s just a rumor.

  • LymanVillaraza

    i just threw up a little bit in my mouth…and then spat it on a picture of Norval

  • hskrlvr

    These renderings were out a couple of years ago, and have no affiliation with anyone associated with the NFL. Old news (or rumor).

    • epadaon

      @hskrlvr not sure where this got linked from again, but this post was published in 2010, november… just a heads up

  • MikeTuck

    Leave it to these Michael Jordan Nke outfitters to mess with the best Uniforms in the NFL. How about you make the Uniforms with your cheap labor and leave the styles alone. This is going to make the NFL look like a circus league!

  • 619chargers4life

    i dont like them at all

  • epadaon

    just to make sure you all are aware… this post was posted in November 2010. It happened to be some guy that just drew up random designs and posted them up and they all got picked up. Nike has already said that they don’t plan to change the designs of the jerseys this coming year, but they plan on changing the materials only

  • MikeTuck

    That’s good because the Chargers uniforms don’t need changing, the team needs some but leave the uniforms alone. This is the trouble with marketing, we have trouble enough w/ free agency outdating the last player/jersey you just bought. We don’t need the style changing all the time too! I would like to see the Chargers use the 1980′s Blue top yellow bottoms on all their nationally televised games.IT would wake up San Diego and let them know of all the good times Coryell gave us. Plus they weren’t all that bad, they made you appreciate the baby blue ones even more.

  • MikeTuck

    Oh yeah and that video on the 10 best players to never play in a superbowl. How do they put it all on Fouts. I’d like to see payton manning or Brady play a triple OT game in the heat and humidity of Miami only to get the pleasure of %9 below in Cinnci. 1981 should have been the Chargers Superbowl win instead of Oakland. Football is a all weather sport but that had safety issues all over it. Yeah Fouts didn’t throw well. Have you ever thrown a frozen ball never less catch one. When there’s the probability of frost bite games should have been reschedualed. I’m not saying it should be San Diego weather all over but that was a crime playing in those conditions. That was a huge mistake by the NFL playing in that weather. My father was flying to the east coast from cali and went right over the stadium during the game. he said it was just ice.

  • NickGoulart1

    That thing is hideous.

  • Dominic Seoane

    why you a hater that is awesome

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