Chargers Will Catch the Chiefs!!

SAN DIEGO - SEPTEMBER 19: Mike Tolbert of the San Diego Chargers celebrates his second touchdown in the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars during the fourth quarter at Qualcomm Stadium on September 19, 2010 in San Diego, California. The Chargers won 38-13. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)


This Fansided Network is largely dominated by Chiefs fans and it is time to stand up to them all!! I need the Charger faithful (not the ones that have jumped off the wagon) to stand up to the assault that this article will get from the Arrowhead Addict fans. Otherwise, I will take them ALL on myself!!

From the outsider perspective, the Chiefs are still NOT THAT GOOD! Sure they beat us with the help of a lot of rain and the loudest crowd in the NFL! BUT, you still are led by Matt Cassel!!! Cassel’s magic will run out just like Cutler’s did and just like Orton’s did.

You have started at 4-2, but despite the Chargers victory, you have wins against the Browns, 49ers, and the Jaguars! That is absolutely nothing to brag about. None of those teams can even tie their own shoe laces!

I will go ahead and name the games that you will lose this season:

at Oakland Raiders (cant believe i will be rooting for the Raiders in this game)
at Denver Broncos
at San Diego Chargers in BLOWOUT FASHION
at Seattle Seahawks
Tennessee Titans

That will put you guys at a record of 9-7 for the season! There are 4 games in which you will have to come out to the West and prove that you are the best in the West!

If that situation happens, the the Chargers would need to finish off this season with a 8-1 record. History proves that the Chargers can reel off some victories in a hurry. The Chargers have shown that, NO TEAM can beat us, except for OURSELVES. We have constantly shot ourselves in the foot, but all the mistakes that we have made our CORRECTABLE. We have some tough teams, BUT our offense and defense allow us to compete against any team in this league.

We are the defending Champions and we have not passed that crown over yet!!! We are keeping the crown and you will fall victim to the lighting bolt!

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  • Jeremyriversideca

    All good things must come to an end. There is an ebb and flow to the NFL. You are correct, the Chiefs are not that good yet, but things are flowing in the Chiefs’ direction. Optimisim finally abounds in KC.

    • Ernie Padaon

      like you said… all good things must come to an end… and the Chiefs are living on borrowed time!

  • adam powell

    I just can’t wait to see the chiefs awesome secondary along with tamba and dj torment phillip quivers into another hissy fit. I’ve never laughed so hard as i did opening night. It brought back sweet memories of ryan leaf. Brandon flowers ( unless of course the refs decide he’s just too good and it’s not fair and throw some more phantom penalties) will make himself real cozy inside that crybaby’s head.

    • Ernie Padaon

      are you talking about the 25th ranked pass defense!?!?!? hmm… i will definitely enjoy Philip ripping through that defense just like he did to the number 6 pass defense (Oakland)! that is a 25th ranked pass defense that has played against teams like the cleveland browns, san francisco 49ers, and the jacksonville jags

      philip will tear up that swiss cheese

      • Varo

        I think you’re overlooking the fact that the Chiefs played and beat the #1 offense in the league already. (Chargers) I hope that teams keep throwing the ball against us, as that would indicate that they cant run against us. Keep the faith in your team, but I don’t think its going to win you any games until you get a better running attack.

  • Jamaal Day Long

    1.) The Chargers blasted the Chiefs last year at Arrowhead in an even more torrential downpour. When the rain comes, neither team is at an advantage. So the loss can’t be blamed on the rain…the chiefs just have a better ground game and didn’t have to rely on throwing to win. Charles/Jones > Mathews/Tolbert. Easy.

    2.) Matt Cassel’s magic? Have you watched him play? He is anything but Magical. The Chiefs win because of solid defense, a bad ass running game, and an average passing game that is good enough to get by.

    3.)The Chiefs have the best offensive rushing game in the NFL. Period. They have some of the most electrifying playmakers in the NFL. Period. They have a stout defense giving up barely 18 points a game. And least, but not least, they have the best fans in the NFL. The Chiefs have plenty to brag about.

    4. The Chargers have lost to bad teams (except New England) and beat even worse teams. The two wins have come against Luke McCown and Max Hall. The Chargers no doubt have talent but talent alone doesn’t win ball games.

    Chargers nation is clearly scared and threatened of the Chiefs. Otherwise, this article is never written. The Chiefs are better than the rest of the AFC West and will win the division.

    • Ernie Padaon

      The Chiefs do have a tough running attack! thomas jones and jamaal charles are the best way to keep the Chief defense rested and keep high powered offenses off the field.

      Matt Cassel has done just enough to win. after a while, that 25th ranked pass defense of yours will give up some points and matt cassel will have to make some plays. i cant wait to see him try. as a matter of fact, ryan fitzpatrick of buffalo has been throwing the ball around pretty well these last few games. OF COURSE YOU SHOULD KILL BUFFALO, but lets see what holes he exposes on that defense.

      the chargers have lost to bad teams, BUT nobody has beaten us, BUT ourselves. we have made just stupid stupid plays, but all can be corrected.

      • James

        Beat yourselves? You mean like dropping a sure TD pass while the momentum is on your side right after a pick? Or how about all you need is a 3rd and 2 to win the game, but a bad playcall leads to an incomplete pass? Well that’s how far away the Chiefs are from being undefeated and beating both Indy and Houston on the road….so….

        • Ernie Padaon

          you guys were also a Mike Tolbert (NOT Darren Sproles) dive up the middle from losing the game to us. yea… still pissed at my GENIUS OC… i mean Head coach that chose to use the littlest person on the field on a DRAW play, to try and score the TD at the end of the game.

          despite, all the miscues that are publicized of the Chargers, we had the opportunity to win the game real late in those games and have just come up short. w

          when we limit those miscues and we wont even need to make the giant come from behind victory. instead it will be a blowout victory in our favor. it starts this week!

  • brian

    Ya that will happen….haha not really! Chargers suck with their hissy fit qb. Your gm is dumber and carl peterson! Look how much better lt is now that is off your horrible team!

    • Ernie Padaon

      what?!?!? better since who is off my team?? is this the smack talk i get from y’all.. this made no sense!!

      so… the hissy fit qb, i bet you would take him on your team!!

  • Blockeater

    How many more losses before you completely jump off the wagon?

    Denver just got over half a hundred hung on them at home by the Raiders and you’re holding out hope they beat the Chiefs for your playoff chances? Good luck with that. I hope you aren’t putting your money where your mouth is, because you’ll end up one broke SOB.

    • Ernie Padaon

      well… i have put my twitter avatar up for bets and it has been a while since i have rocked a lighting bolt!! i would never jump off the wagon, i will drag that wagon myself to the finish line before i jump off…

      how many losses till reality sets in: 2!!

  • relsek

    HA HA. You’re just mad and decided to write out your frustrations, thats cool but dont be delusional also. You say all of your mistakes are correctable, so when is the correcting gonna to be corrected? You’ve had 6 weeks to try and figure out special teams. You guys cant even figure out special teams. Chargers = Special alright and than you bash Cleveland, Jacksonville and the Niners two of which have equal or better record than you girls. If they cant tie even tie their shoelaces themselves, whose helping them? Its u Chargers and in turn there helping to tie yours!!! Good Luck with that whole winning the division this year! Try and find some players that want to play on special teams its part of the game.

    • Ernie Padaon

      of course i am mad… my team lost 4 games in the cupcake part of the schedule. my head coach has less emotion and faith than i do!!!! our special teams have been booty for 6 weeks and we constantly find ways to lose games! you have had the best argument so far from all your other faithful fans!!! lets see where we are in a couple of weeks and let’s see if i am still able to start a storm like this, or if i have to be silent in misery and you ALL will be able to throw your stones at me!

  • john

    The Chiefs did lose to two tough opponents on the road. The Colts never lose at home and the Chiefs stayed competitive the entire time. We had Manning throwing fits like Philip “The queer bait” Rivers. Held him without a touchdown and to his worst passer rating in over a year. We actually won that game in Houston if it weren’t for the refs sucking it up and a couple plays the Chiefs couldn’t capitalize on. We dominated the entire game until the fourth quarter.

    The Chiefs have taken over the AFC West.. We all knew it was coming. You knew deep down in your heart of hearts. We, at Chiefs Nation knew. But none of us knew it was coming this quickly. But the time is now.

    Goodbye Chargers fans.

    I hate you with a Passion.

    • Loudawg

      well its just a game at the end of the day .. you are the one that chooses to live in KC .. hilarious .. youre a fool for living somewhere so cold and miserable .. or is it you are a fool for living somewhere so hot and muggy, guess its all the same and shows that you are willing to throw your one and only life away in KC lol

  • chiefsfan3131

    Ok first and formost Norv Turner is a horrible head coach, which bringsme to my 2nd point. AJ Smith is an idiot.He has been named “The Lord of No Rings” by players around the league. With that said it is too bad for you Bolts fans becuase you have been a seriously talented team the last 6 years or so. But all the talent in the world can not make up for bad coaching. It is obvious the Chiefs now have 1 of the best coaching staffs in the NFL. What Pioli and Haley have done with Crennel and Weis at DC, and OC respectfully, is awesome. Considering it is almost the same roster as it has been the last few years beside this outstanding rookie class. The Chiefs are a team on the rise, The Bolts are a team on the decline. End of story! GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ernie Padaon

      i cant disagree with your statement… NORV TURNER is the biggest idiot of a coach i have seen!! there is no discipline on this team, BUT it still is one of the most talented rosters in the league! The players will need to discipline themselves in order to get out of the crapper!! It has been done before and i believe we can do it again.

      i do also agree with your coaching staff! i sure wish we had that staff here instead of the idiots we got standing on the sideline.

      as much as i am pulling the bandwagon for my team, i still know the realities and the issues of the team. can we break off a streak of victories! oh yea we can!

  • mguilicutty

    Jeez not a single bolt fan yet??? It must be tough, giving up the crown after so many years. Here are the games you are going to lose…

    Tennessee – I could see you guys getting this one, maybe.
    at Houston – Nope.
    at Indy – Good Luck
    KC – You can’t defend against us, and we shut down cry baby. We sweep you in 2010.

    And who knows, you guys lost to the rams, you clearly have suck it up potential and might just end up 7-9 or even 6-10. Send the crown (isn’t it a trophy?) to 1 Arrowhead Drive KC MO 64129

    • Ernie Padaon

      if we lose to Tennessee… i will just shut my mouth over here for a good moment and watch the rest of KC nation take over the board like a plague!!

      I hear ya on the Bolt faithful though!!! I will call my own fans out!!! Where are you!?!?!? I must be the only one still believin in this team!!!!!

  • Spencer

    It’s very sad that all the comments posted on a Chargers website are all from Chief fans.

    I guess if the Chargers haven’t bothered to show up all year we shouldn’t expect Charger fans to either.

    • Ernie Padaon

      thanks Spencer.. im going through all the posts and started thinking that I must be absolutely CRAZY!!! OR I must have passion and faith like a real true fan does! Apparently the Bolt Faithful have lost faith in the team, BUT when we get this train back on the track… remember I was here pulling thee wagon the whole time!!!

  • Scotty By Nature

    San Diego is in big trouble. Now they are vulnerable at home which has been there safe haven the last few years. They have the toughest remaining schedule and are already 0-2 in the division. The Chiefs are getting BETTER each week while San Diego is getting worse. Keep dreaming So Cal. The best team in the division is now in the Midwest. Notice has been served!

  • Matt

    The Chargers are in deep trouble if they can’t win when they have the top ranked offense and 4th ranked defense, it is over chargers

    • Ernie Padaon

      at least get the stats right… we are still ranked at the top in both categories!! thats the main thing that brings us HOPE!

  • Scotty By Nature

    San Diego is in big trouble. They no longer look unstoppable at home while the Chiefs are rocking inside the new Arrowhead. Furthermore, they are already 0-2 in the division and appear to be getting weaker each week and the Chiefs are clearly getting better game after game. If the Chargers are going to win the AFC West the Chiefs will have to give it away as opposed to San Diego taking it. So keep dreaming So Cal because the best team now resides in the Midwest. Notice has been served!

    • Ernie Padaon

      very true… you guys will have to give it away!! there is no denying that, BUT that is what i am planning for!!!!

      you guys have one of the easiest remaining schedules, if not the EASIEST!!! We have been playing our games from behind and making a comeback out of nowhere, we will have to play the season that way, and hope for your collapse. It is a terrible position to be in, BUT we still have a heartbeat left.

  • Matt

    The Chiefs beat a good team, the Chargers, of wait……..

    • Ernie Padaon

      ummmm… about that! point taken! come back around to our home turf and do it again!!

  • Matt

    That is Oh wait….

  • Alex B

    The fact that the poll on your sidebar is a list of potential candidates to fire lets me know what you guys think about your own team. The Tomlinson Era is over. Welcome back to mediocrity for the next decade. GO CHIEFS!

    • Ernie Padaon

      With all the errors and a 2-5 start, we gotta start pointing fingers at somebody! despite my faith in the team coming back to life, it does not hide the fact that i think that norv turner is a major idiot!

  • MeetMcCluster

    Its got to be frustrating losing week after week when a win is so close. Bet there arent many Bolt fans out there that expected the Chiefs to be the ones finishing their games this year. Its nice to see them as the bottom dwellers where they belong, and unless they learn some discipline, I dont see that changing anytime soon. Thanks for showing the nation on MNF: 1) How loud arrowhead can be 2) What a crybaby Rivers is and 3) How fast McCluster is

    • Ernie Padaon

      i almost pulled out the norv turner comeback to tony dungy… ha, its frustrating! This team is too talented though to remain at the bottom of the division. We will be on the rise and we cant wait to see your collapse

  • warispeace

    Chargers fans have no heart. Their team starts to lose and they are nowhere to be found. They think they are entitled to win the division just because they won it last year. Sorry guys, not this time!

  • Kinney85

    Great post! Glad your common sense came into play… bad weather, loud fans… its freakin football get used to it. Have you ever even played football? I mean if I remember correctly weather affects both teams but maybe I am wrong? And I doubt you blow our team out of the water because your team can barely get a kickoff correct talk about a bunch of elementary BS! your team and management is a joke… I feel that I could do exactly what they do… look good for a while then drive the team into the ground!!! GREAT POST, I enjoyed reading it!!

  • Saleaumua

    Your assumptions regarding the Chiefs seem to be a bit off my misguided friend. 1st of all to blame the downpour on the Chargers lose is pretending it did not affect the Chiefs the same way it did the Chargers. I can only assume your implication is “our team is from a warm weather region of the country and simply can man up with mother nature rears her beautiful face.”

    You also seem to assume that the Chiefs success has been because of Matt Cassel’s “Magic”. He only needed 68 yards of “magic” to defeat your Chargers. But all silliness aside we win with our running game and a bend but don’t break defense. We have consistently proven that we can run on just about anybody in the NFL.

    Also this idea that “only the Chargers can beat the Chargers”….well we beat you 21-14 by holding you at the goal line. Our defense beat you in that particular game. It was not the dumb and dumber Chargers who lost that game as they have in recent weeks.

    Also, after this last weekend what makes you so sure the Broncos can beat us in Denver? They just got blown out by the hapless Raiders…blown out bad.

  • Alpha-CHIEF

    Sorry Dolt fans, The writing is on the wall. LT, Jackson, Merriam, don’t want to play for losing teams anymore in SD. Back to where they belong in this division, looking up the arse of the Broncos/Raiders and CHIEFS on top.

  • halfastco

    Didn’t the chargers lose to the raiders this year?! Right now it looks like the chargers are at the bottom of the barrel, sorry guys but your team just is playing the worst in the division! With the chiefs on top, hate to say it but faiders in 2nd, Donkey’s and the chargers! I guess all those slow starts you guys are used to are starting to last all season, and I’m not even trying to rub it in!

  • RJ

    I don’t know who you are but I’m gonna talk to you like as a friend. LAY OFF OF THE CALI GREEN…..

    • RJ

      Matter of fact give your green to your quarterback so maybe he’ll stop throwing tantrams like a spoiled lil girl

  • Spencer

    Is Ernie the only Charger fan remaining? This could never happen to Paddy. Go Chiefs

    • Ernie Padaon

      i give Paddy and the guys over at arrowhead addict a lot of respect and i thank them for giving me the opportunity to resurrect this BLOG from the dead like i hope my team resurrects from the dead. I started right before our MNF game against each other and its a work in progress to build this up. the trash talk from you all will start bringing out the true faithful fans to protect their team.

      until they all come out, i will stand at the front of the line and take you on myself. i cant wait till our next WAR against KC! it’s gonna be on and we will turn your lights o… ummm, we will knock you out!

  • pippy449

    First of all Ernie..let me say props to you for maintaining optomism and not jumping off the bandwagon just because it’s on fire, missing 3 wheels, and surrounded by Indians(Chiefs Lol). Now first off your team has an amazing amount of talent and like zero discipline. They could easily win without VJax…they just don’t. To many stupid mistakes. No way would the patriots have been in that game without 4 turnovers in the first half. That being said, the Chiefs don’t do those things. We don’t have a Qb that tries to force the ball into double and triple coverage. We don’t have backs and recievers that cough up the ball repeatedly. And third and most importantly…we THE CHIEFS!!!!! Play like a TEAM no one man is more important than anyone else. Everyone has an assignment and everyone is doing it. As long as we keep playing with level heads and coming out and playing our asses off then we could easily get over 10 wins this season. So even if your chargers somehow, miraculously, turn it around and go 8-1 they still don’t make the playoffs over the chiefs. So sorry that this year you have to sit on the couch and watch the chiefs in the playoffs. And hopefully with a coaching staff like we have at the helm we can make a push. You could always switch to the Chiefs you know…you show the kind of passion that we have and respect by still holding your head high while your team plummets!!!

    • Ernie Padaon

      I will be the one pulling this bandwagon to the finish line if i have to and there is no way in the world i will go to the dark side and root for the stinkin chefs!

      i will take time to compliment your team and then trash it right after. :) so, your team has a good to almost great coaching staff and it does play as a team and not as a bunch of individuals. it has a great running attack and a defense that bends but does not break.

      then we get to the bad, the team has Matty Cassel at the QB position and he will need to win you some of these games at some point. teams are going to start stacking the box on the chiefs and start forcing cassel to beat them with his arm. i dont think he has the ability to do that. your pass defense can be beaten and teams are able to move the ball against you.

      the only way you get 10 wins this season will be because the rest of your schedule is absolutely cupcake!! make sure your team doesnt get complacent like mine did!

      We have our backs up against the wall and you just need to beware of this sleeping giant. like you said, this team has a lot of talent and we have the ability to make a run with this roster. i brought the alarm clock, your dream are ending and the sleeping giant just WOKE UP!!! we coming to get you

  • ChargerGal72

    First of all – CHARGER FANS HAVE A LOT OF HEART!! We bleed blue an gold!! Like Ernie, this gal is not jumping off the wagon anytime soon. To prove it – I will be at the game on Dec. 12th just like I was in St. Louis last week. I challenge any of you KC fans to come out to the Q on Dec. 12th. How faithful are YOU?

    Second – LT has burned every bridge between here and Manhattan. His ego got so damn big that he couldn’t accept sharing the spotlight w/ Rivers. Check the helmet sizes on those Jets girls – they’re bigger than any helmets in the NFL. And by the way – JETS RUNS OUT OF FUEL!!

    Third – it’s funny how ya’ll attack the players personally, just goes to show you can’t talk smack about their talents b/c no one on the Chiefs will compare.

    Fourth – check the standing boys, we are not looking up Raiders and Donkeys ass. Donkeys are still kissing our arse!

    Arrowhead is the LOUDEST stadium in the league. Even louder than the Seahawks’. Have you seen how close those bench walls are to the field??

    You guys talk all the shit you want now b/c given your record last year – ahem, 4-12 – I would be celebrating, too! Hell, you guys must be feeling like you’ve won the Super Bowl! Most of you on here talking smack were most likely hiding under a rock last three seasons at least and decided to come out this year. In 2008 your record was 2-14!! That’s an improvement of 2 wins!! This year your record will be 6-10!!

    You got rookies and young players this year and yes, a handful of them looks better than your entire team last season but we’re only in Week 7. Injuries are still a possibility… Just saying… I mean, look at our injury list… ;)

    Coming into Week 7 Chargers are #1 in both total offense and defense. Where were you? Rivers is top 3 in passing, where was Cassel? We’ll see end of season who takes the division – my money isn’t on the Chiefs that’s for darn sure!

    In closing, go on and celebrate b/c we all know your glory won’t last :) Ya’ll come to the Q now, ya’hear???

    GO BOLTS!!

  • Double D

    The Dolts couldn’t win in the beer leagues with that suck ass Special Teams unit of theirs. What are they, liked ranked 37th in the NFL right now?

    Anyways, thanks for the good yuck!
    Stick a fork in it cuz Phyllis Rivers and his boys are D.O.N.E.

    • Ernie Padaon

      we are actually ranked 54th in the league in special teams!! i think SDSU and K State somehow snuck in front of us in the rankings and a couple of Junior colleges!!

      the special teams problems are getting much better. the coverage units are making stops now before a 40 yard gain. we are gonna make those stops from now on. a 50 yard field goal is not a chip shot to tie the game with time running down. but, its getting better and better. all we need to do now is take care of the football and the sleeping giant will awake. y’all better keep winning because we will not make it easy for ya. ask denver in the past, they thought it was over when they started 6-0

  • Patrick Allen

    Love all the respectful trash talk! It is good for the division and the Fansided Network.

    Isn’t life so much better when we can all hate each other again? =)

    • ianswermyself

      I think its funny that Chefs* fans are finally able to talk trash. Not since 2006 have they had a winning record. The year before that they 10-6 and DID NOT EVEN MAKE THE PLAYOFFS!!! It must be all built up frustration from sorry teams. I realize that my Chargers have lost in playoffs, but we legitimately have a chance of winning it all every year. Not sure if I can say that bout the Chefs, even this season. They have a less than stellar QB, good running game, underachieving WRs, and a good D. I agree with Ernie, the Chargers will make their push and get into the playoffs. WE WILL WIN THIS DIVISION. The Chefs will be exposed soon, just like the Broncos last year.

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