Vincent Jackson trade for Sidney Rice

SAN DIEGO - JANUARY 17: Wide receiver Vincent Jackson #83 of the San Diego Chargers reacts after a play against the New York Jets during AFC Divisional Playoff Game at Qualcomm Stadium on January 17, 2010 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images)


The RUMORS are flying everywhere!

The main rumor is focused on the Minnesota Vikings landing the star receiver. The Vikings have struggled out the gate with an 0-2 start and Brett Favre has struggled to find an open receiver in both games. The asking price raises every time that Brett Favre throws an interception or incompletion.

The San Diego Chargers should just ask for Sidney Rice in return. They would then trade one star receiver for another.  Sidney Rice would be available to play in the middle of the season and would add another offensive weapon to the Chargers team that is still looking for that big play receiver. Vincent Jackson would bring his pro bowl level talent starting in week 5 for the Vikings. Do the Vikings want a receiver that is coming back from hip surgery in week 9 or would they want a pro bowl receiver that is waiting to get back on the field in week 5?

More than likely, a trade for Jackson and Rice will never happen! The rumored asking price of multiple high draft picks probably won’t happen either. The Vincent Jackson drama will be continued till tomorrow and we will all find out his fate. The Vikings seem desperate and AJ Smith is amazingly stubborn. Tomorrow is the deadline for the window that the NFL issued for a trade of Vincent Jackson that would allow him to play in week 5 of the season.  We will see if Minnesota and AJ Smith can agree on anything and also see if there is another team that sneaks in for the steal.

Check out what they are saying on the Fansided Vikings page.

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  • bobby

    this is stupid. why would vikings trade rice for v-jack? obviously the vikings plan to play v-jack and sidney on the same field at the same time some point in the future.

    • Ernie Padaon

      is it the Vikes intention to play them both at the same time, or is it to get immediate help on the team? Sidney Rice is expected to be out at least 8 weeks and there still is no telling what he can offer to the team after hip surgery. Vikes look desperate right now and need that big play receiver to make the other receivers better. Vikes wouldnt even be thinking about a Vincent Jackson trade if Sidney Rice was in the lineup right now.

      • bobby

        i know that vikes wants v-jack to replace sidney now b/c of his hips. but i’m just saying…having v-jack and sidney on the edge and percy and camerillo in the slots is pretty crazy.

        • bobby


          • MAC


          • Ernie Padaon

            i never said that they didnt want to have them playing at the same time! i simply stated that they need immediate attention to the wide receiving unit which is depleted and that they are getting desperate with an 0-2 start. of course they would want them playing at the same time… but it seems that the vikes need that help sooner rather than later. i even stated in the article that this more than likely would not happen. sounds like the vikes found the answer to boost the receiving unit anyway: Hank Baskett!!

  • Jack

    Yeah, no effin’ way that’s happening, man. Vikes are stupid, but they aren’t THAT stupid. Rice is their long term star, if it came down to it they would give up the Jackson trade to keep him. Yes, they wouldn’t be looking at the trade if Rice was healthy, but what makes you even remotely go from “looking to pick up V-Jax” to “Rice for Jackson1!!!11!”? Makes no sense whatsoever.

    The bottom line: it ain’t gonna happen. Hopefully they can pull off a trade (look forward to when Rice and Jackson are on the same field as Favre, that’d be awesome), but they won’t at the cost of Rice. Not a shot in hell.

    • Ernie Padaon

      do i think the trade will happen?? absolutely not! but, desperate times call for desperate measures. the 0-2 start and the poor passing game that the team has shown in that start makes the vikings look like a desperate team. it just seems that the vikes need help sooner rather than later… and week 9 is not even a guarantee on the return of Rice. If the vikes want to win now with favre, then they need to make some sort of move. I am pretty sure that Hank Baskett is not the answer to the poor passing game.

      • the pervert

        hank baskett (6 ft 4 in)but is nothing special that’s why he’s cut by the eagles. wait he is special, his wife’s HOT!!! nevermind she cheats on him once or more.

  • jobu

    Great idea for a trade. Both teams will improve for this season

    • Ernie Padaon

      thanks jobu, at least someone on here thinks that its a great “idea”!

      • the pervert

        although now, it looks as if the trade between vikings and jackson ain’t going to happen…i think that a trade for jackson that involves rice is a bit stupid. also, i think that san diego is asking for too much. they want a comparable trade like the brandon marshall trade but jackson ain’t nothing compared to marshall (100+ catches in 3 years straight with 1100+ yds)

  • Osborne

    you see? bobby said “some point in the future” about vincent jackson lining up with sidney rice. you need to read clearly.

    • Ernie Padaon

      did you read my post? i didnt say that they didnt want it in “some point in the future.” i just said that the vikes main intention is to get immediate help to the passing game that has looked poor. If the other receivers have played well to start the season, then the Vikes wouldnt even be talking about this. They would just keep playing and wait for the boost that Rice provides LATER. seems like they want that boost NOW.