The Whitehurst Effect

The Chargers and Seahawks trade ripple is being felt as far away in Philadelphia. We already talked bout how the trade affected the Brandon Marshall situation earlier in the week, but Jason La Canfora of ESPN made another interesting observation off of the latest developments involving Charlie Whitehurst.

That development being that the Seahawks gave Charlie Whitehurst a contract worth 10 million dollars over the next two years. That’s huge for Charlie, but its gigantic for other QB’s that will be moving around in the league. Especially the talented ones.

Nobody ever thought a QB without even an NFL regular season pass on his resume could cause so much uncertainty. This time, it’s the contract itself that is shaking a few chairs around the league.

Because of the five million dollar a year salary that Whitehurst will be raking in, the price for names like Donovan McNabb and Michael Vick on your roster next season have just shot up sky high. Any proven veteran QB in the league that changes teams will be guaranteed a much bigger base pay because of the Whitehurst effect. I can only imagine how much McNabb is going to cost. Hell, this trade may have even taken him out of the price range for some teams, which makes Michael Vick a hot commodity.

Go ahead and post your comments, thoughts, and predictions for the remaining QB’s on the move and their destinations. I would love to hear some thoughts from you guys.

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