Defense Must Beat The Jets

Has anyone seen the Chargers defense?

Going into week two, the Bolts were 31st in the league in defense, allowing 437 yards per game. That’s landed them at 0-2, looking up at a Broncos team who could gallop away with the division if the Chargers don’t turn it around.

Why is the defense sputtering? To paraphrase Occam’s razor, “all other things being equal, the simplest solution is the best.” So the answer must be: no Shawne Merriman.

Sounds reasonable to me. No one is putting pressure on the quarterback. The team has one sack, and it was a fluke.

While Merriman’s absence is significant, it does not account for the San Diego corners getting torched on the field. Week 2 saw Brandon Marshall for the Broncos catch 18 passes.

Antonio Cromartie needs to step it up. The linebackers need to step up. Opposing quarterbacks are dropping bombs on the San Diego secondary and it will continue.

A leader must emerge on defense. A playmaker must turn the tide.

On the other side, offense hasn’t been a problem. Even with an anemic LT, they’re 5th overall in the league and 3rd in passing yards per game. They’ve put up 62 points in two games. The Chargers can score, thankfully.

Taking the offensive production and defensive struggle, it’s no wonder the Chargers have lost both games by a combined 3 points.

The Jets figure to come out firing on Monday Night Football. The Brett Favre led offense has been average, unspectacular. If the Chargers defense can muster marginal play I think they can put enough points up to win. The only intangible is the Favre Monday Night Magic. The guy loves to shine on the big stage.

This game provides an excellent opportunity to not only end this early season rut, but it can be a springboard for the defense to get their momentum rolling.

Charger fans should hope tonight’s game doesn’t resemble week three from last year. Favre threw for 369 yards and 3 TD’s in Green Bay against a better San Diego defense. And the Jets haven’t been to Qualcomm since the ’05 playoffs… you know how that ended.

It could be a long night.

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  • Brad


    I went back and watched both San Diego games to see where the Jets could attack them. I agree that the defense needs to step up for you guys, but have you noticed they are on the field the entire game. The Panthers and Broncos have dominated total first downs and Time of Possession. San Diego seems like they have always been good because they’ve controlled the clock with L.T. and now they are averaging 26 minutes of total possession, while opponents are averaging 33. I had San Diego’s defense on my fantasy team last year and I started to see flashes of River’s airing it out too much, which would produce lots of points, but would  wear out the defense in the fourth quarter. They always seem to let teams come back on them, and that looks like the reason why. Just an observation. Anyway, Chargers should pull this one out, but I think you will see a different Jets team then we’ve seen in the first two weeks. Good luck man!

  • Johnny Heck

    That’s a real good point. The Chargers D is on the field way too much, and they’re not making the most of it. Their sullen play and stalwart ineffectiveness only compounds the problem. Pressure, pressure, and more pressure on Favre will get Rivers and company back on the field.

    After watching the Bolts drop their pants and get embarrassed against the Panthers and Broncos, I would not be surprised to see the Jets come in and win on another last second field goal. Here’s hoping the wind picks up at the ‘Q’.

  • Brad

    Interesting… Like I said… Time of possession and turnover battle!!! I had the Chargers #1 when I did the power rankings for Yardbarker earlier this year… I still think this is the Chargers year if they find a way to win those two key stats! As long as it’s not the Pats, I’m a happy man… Jets are still a few years away unless they start sticking to the running game! Good Game!

  • Brad


    Here, please take this ball. I’m uncomfortable with these WR’s and it’s past my bed time. I’m too old for this shiz. I’m so glad all these Jets fans wanted me to throw the ball 35+ times. I could’ve been in the record books again if your secondary could catch the ball “Most Picks in One Game”!

    Your Friend,

    Brett Favre :)