Time to Panic? No. Time for a motivational speech.

Let’s be realistic. We’re 1-2. Third place in the division.

Everyone take a breath.

Find your zen, or your secret spot or whatever it is that doesn’t sound like Norv’s whiney-ass voice.


If you said yes, turn to page 27. If you said no, turn to page 63.

With one quarter of the season complete after this week’s game, we could either be tied for last or tied for first.

At this point, things can only get better, right?

Not necessarily. Look at the Saints. McAllister’s torn ACL points to Murphy’s law for rendering.

I can sit here and second guess Norv and AJ and wish for Wade’s return all I want, but that ain’t going to make a bit of difference.

Let’s focus on one thing. Playing the game. This game is our only task.

When players, coaches and analysts discuss success-determining factors in sports, execution is the first word out of anyone’s mouth.

Execution is not a product of coaches, it’s a product of players. Coaches decide what will be executed. Players decide how it will be executed.

No one has ever disputed Norv’s ability to coach offense, nor Cottrell’s ability to coach defense.

Now it’s time for my motivational speech. These speeches can be overdone, used too often and too manufactured. This effort will be straight from the heart, and only produced because I feel we need it.

I’m not disputing effort in execution. Not calling anyone’s name, not calling any one play more than another. None of this is productive.

What I am demanding is maximum effort in execution by the players in this week’s practice and game. And mirroring that, maximum effort in coaching this week in practice and game.

Nothing less.

Anyone can produce maximum effort. And no less than that is expected from everyone in here.

The players have had three weeks to figure out the new “scheme” (which is simply sports jargon, aka meaningless).

The coaches have had 3 weeks to adjust to the players.

Simply put, we need maximum effort on each and every play until the final whistle on Sunday.

This is simple, yes. It’s original, no.

But, that’s why it will work. It will work because it has always worked, and it’s simple because most good things are simple.

Candy – simple. TV – simple. The beach – simple. Sex – simple. You see what I’m getting at.

Don’t let anything convolute your job. Focus and do your job with maximum effort.

See you all back in the locker room after the win.

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