Light Outs — for real

Several news outlets have reported that Shawne Merriman has, for the time being, shelved his “lights out” sack celebration dance.

In an publishing, Merriman was quoted as saying:

“Some people who have been around the game a long time say it’s immature, you shouldn’t do it. That’s their opinion. I’m Shawne Merriman. I’m going to act the way I act. But right now I feel like it’s important for me to help pull this thing together. Then I can go back to being myself.

“There’s nothing wrong with it. Would someone tell Jordan to put his tongue in going to the hoop? Would someone tell Tiger to not do his fist pump after a putt? It’s their thing. It’s not being boastful. (Not doing the dance) is just something I feel is important to do right now.”

I certainly won’t miss the celebration, as it had become just one of a list of sack dances, promoting the sacker. It wasn’t Neil Smith’s home run swing, after all.

The dance itself did get the Qualcomm faithful going, and that might be the most affected group, not his teammates.

What’s he going to do now, after a sack–quietly go back to the huddle and buckle up? Did we hire Lou Holtz and JoePa as team consultants (a la Larry Brown) and I didn’t hear about it?

Regardless of how you feel about the cancellation of any Merriman merry sack jollifications, Shawne is trying to take away attention from himself. 56 is attempting to put the team and the team’s goals first.

I like this. This is a focused, no-nonsense move. The more team-first moves, the better.

But, LT, please don’t stop the teapot, it’s a classic hullabaloo.

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  • Adam

    It's always nice to put the team first, but some celebration is needed. After all, this is entertainment and NFL fans pay handsomely to be entertained. I also do think the dance actually fired up his teammates as well, not just the fans. I don't like Merriman at all, but he's a helluva player and I think he should be able to do his little dance as long as he's not antagonizing opposing players.

  • Jacob

    What you said in the article "if MJ didn’t stick his tongue out and if , Tiger do his fist pump after a made put" whats the sense of the sense of having a celebration.But I believe you should do it beause it fires up the team and the fans.Also if LT didn’t do the teapot then what would he do walk back to the sidelines and get a drink and take a seat.No, beacause without celebrations the fans and team wouldn’t be that much more fired up would the.That is my point without celebrations what would they do.

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